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If you’re searching for a lender that is ready to give you the money almost immediately, this review is definitely for you. Today, we’ll study the United Check Cashing company with its huge experience, benefits, and characteristics. This lender was founded in 1977 in Philadelphia. In 15 years, in 1992, the owners decided to expand the lender and created the United Financial Service Group Inc. Today, they have more than 140 offices in Colorado, Texas, Florida, and other states. The company has many financial offers including check cashing, payday loans, transfer of funds, etc. It’s a fast service offering people to cope with different financial missions quickly and safe. They essentially save your time when a bank can’t do the same. Read the article to learn more about their services.

Services of United Check Cashing

United Cash Checking has a variety of financial offers helping people cope with many budget problems. Here, you can obtain a loan, withdraw money or receive cash from a check. Besides, their offices are located in a few US states and people can find the service when they need financial support.

The Chance to Receive the Money

Here, a client can ask managers to cash any provided check and they’ll do it quickly with small fees set. Usually, this charge equals only a few cents taken from 1 dollar. United Check Cashing accept the following check types:
  • government;
  • payroll;
  • commercial;
  • tax return;
  • insurance, etc.
This lender may replace any other financial institution as it doesn’t grab your time and gives you the money whenever you really need it. The rates it sets are affordable and, in some cases, they’re even lower than those prescribed by many banks. Besides, the company doesn’t require a client to have an opened banking account to cash a check and it’s really convenient.

Payday Loans at United Check Cashing

United Check Cashing also provides payday loans to residents of Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, Colorado, and California. This option is an effective solution that lets a client take small money sums to cover emergent expenses. A consumer may put all his financial worries away and relax with a distant payday. An average person can order a loan and use it for any purpose: to repair a vehicle, maintain a house or cover medical bills. But a consumer has to keep in mind that the borrowed sum must be paid back when the company sends its check. United Check Cashing accepts applications only from people who are not less than 18 years old, have regular financial income, banking account, and valid phone number. This type of loan is extremely popular among people because it’s a perfect financial option when you need to refill the budget quickly. A customer receives the requested small money sum and has to give it back within around 2 weeks. Payday loans are chosen when you find yourself in a tough financial situation between salary dates. With this sum, a person may cope with utility bills, remove car problems, improve health, etc. Usually, customers don’t waist more than a few minutes when they apply for a loan. Processing and depositing are conducted quickly as well. But each client must be ready to share some individual data to get the needed extra cash.

Money Transfer Service

The company cooperates with Western Union and Money Transfer that lets them provide various financial operations. A client can send funds to any destination in the Globe and there’s no restriction for currencies. Their services don’t cost more than familiar offers provided by posts and banks.

Other Services

United Check Cashing can conquer any bank with a variety of its financial services. For example, they offer prepaid credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. Both don’t have limits and a client can fill them with as much money as he may need. It’s possible to use these cards at all the places where they are processed. At United Check Cashing, you can also order the service of home phone reconnection. Probably, everybody knows how hard it is to survive without a phone, nowadays. Moreover, this connection is especially significant when your friends or family members live far away from you and you want to be close to them. That’s why this company offers clients to reconnect their phones for a little price in case their phone isn’t working. Usually, people have to pay much money to cover a bill for such a service but United Check Cashing provides smaller costs. This company also offers clients to pay for their utilities here. They can cover electricity, gas, phone and other bills. A consumer only has to bring his statements and money, and managers will willingly help him to cope with payments.

Customer Service

On their website, a user may come across detailed information about their offers and rules concerning all the operations. United Check Cashing managers are friendly and they’re always ready to explain how the service works and help with different processes. The company provides the phone number a customer may dial in case he has any questions: 1-800-626-0787. It also puts clients to the first place and does its best to improve products. It protects the user’s information and gives the chance to cope with many financial challenges.

Conclusion on United Check Cashing

Numerous financial offers of this company are available in many US states: Delaware, California, Kentucky, Georgia, New York, Maryland, Colorado, etc. United Check Cashing provides easy access to payday loans, money orders, prepaid cards, and many other products. In case you’re a newbie here, their managers will pleasantly help you to understand all the processes. You can get in touch with them via phone or visit one of their stores. The company also becomes a helper in case your phone is disconnected and can fix the situation at reasonable prices. It’s definitely worth your attention due to a variety of useful services.
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  • Have a valid bank account
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