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Speedy Cash Company was launched in 1997. Currently, they are operating in the UK, America and Canada. Besides offering payday loans, this lender offers lines of credit, title loans and other services.

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  1. Payday loans When people are in need of funds to sustain them until the coming payday, the payday loan gives them a chance to borrow. A loan may be borrowed for 1 week, 1 month or as per the borrower’s pay cycle.
  2. Installment loans A person can be late in paying his/her rent. If your rent is 400 dollars for instance but the coming paycheck is just 300 hundred dollars, you don’t have to worry. In the installment offer, people may request for the funds they require and they can repay it within some months. If you decide to repay earlier than what you agreed on, you will not be charged any fee. However, before taking an installment loan, consider the following:
  • Borrowers are allowed to have a single loan open at a time. So, if the borrower will need to borrow again the following month, it will not be possible.
  • The borrowers’ credit history is checked and if yours is not good, you will not be given the loan. However, borrowers may still consider the bad credit lending option.
  • This lender has a minimum paying alternative but customers should note that if they keep paying the specified minimum amount every time, interest will rack up so fast
  • Lines of creditIf you cannot predict your finances, this service will offer you additional flexibility. Below is how it functions:
    • Customers can borrow like one thousand dollars and they can repay it slowly over some time.
    • Customers can access money up to their credit limit provided the loan is open.
    • If for instance a customer has made payments for some months and the sum owed currently is 850 dollars and he/she has no money, no need to worry. That person can get up to 150 dollars from his/her line of credit.
  • Title loansAt this lending Company, borrowers may use their vehicle as collateral to borrow a sum of up to fifty thousand dollars. The amount borrowed however depends on the worth of a vehicle. To be qualified for such loans, a borrower needs a title and insurance evidence. And even when the borrower has not finished repaying the debt, he/she will still qualify for a 2nd lien title loan.

    Other services

    The other services offered at the Company locations include cash for gold, wire transfer, check cashing and prepaid debit cards. In case a customer faces an abrupt money obstacle, he/she will need money urgently to avoid termination of services and delayed payments. Whether you require funds to sustain yourself for some few weeks or days, the lender has many offers which will help you out.

    Interest rates and other charges

    The loans offered at this lending Company have very high interest rates. Borrowers are advised to be keen when requesting for loans. Do not apply for a loan if you have not understood all its requirements.

    Advantages of Speedy Cash

    • Fast: This Company is a direct lender. So, loan requests get processed within a very short time.
    • Simple: The procedure of requesting for the loans is quite simple. Borrowers can apply either at the company’s offices or online.
    • Instant money: Once an application gets approved, a customer will get the funds within one day or immediately depending on what he/she chooses.
    • Reasonable terms: Borrowers have various repayment plans. Besides this, if a person chooses to repay earlier, he/she will not be charged any fees.
    • Client support: The client support agents are easily accessible and they are supportive and affectionate.
    • Many offers: There exists many loan offers at this lending Company. Its offices also provide services like cash checking and others.

    Disadvantages of Speedy Cash

    • Interest rates and other charges: The APR is extremely high. Borrowers might end up repaying way more than the loan they got. And depending on the kind of loan that a person applies for, he/she may be required to pay the origination charges or maintenance charges.
    • Eligibility: The Company requires customers to provide proof of their income before receiving any loan. So, those who are not working do not qualify for their offers. Customers are additionally required to have a bank account that is active and the lender’s services are offered in just a few states.
    • Borrowing amount: The highest sum of money which customers can get differs per state and it also depends on the kind of offer that one applies for. However, it can be really little. For instance, in California, the maximum that customers can borrow is 255 dollars.

    Getting a Speedy Cash loan now !

    Depending on where one resides and what is available, customers can request for loans either online or at Speedy Cash locations. And since the company is a direct lender, borrowers will know within a short time whether their application has been accepted or not. Once an application gets approved, the customer will be sent the funds through the method he/she specified in the application form. It may be direct deposit, cash (when the process is made in person) or prepaid debit card.

    Repaying loans

    Repayments options include:
    • Cash at the lender’s locations
    • Online using a debit card
    • Direct from the borrower’s account
    • A check for the sum owed and any other additional charges
    Borrowers should note that if they choose to repay through a check or automatic method, the money will be deducted from their account even when they have inadequate funds. This will lead to overdraft fees or bounced check. Customers who feel they will not be able to repay on time can request Speedy Cash to extend their due date or they can choose a different payment plan. However, this will certainly lead to some more interest.
Borrower requirements
  • Age 18years or older
  • Have regular income
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid bank account
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  • Bank account
  • Credit or Debit card
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