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When you feel like you’ve been caught by some financial circumstances, you start looking for an effective way out. Unfortunately, sometimes people make mistakes and choose the wrong method to refill a budget. In this case, a person can lose even more than he/she lost at the beginning. Let's look closer to one of the famous lenders Payday Money Center to find out if it’s a good place to ask for money. This company was established 22 years ago, in 1997. It offers short-term loan solutions for people who need to receive a small money sum quickly without any questions. This direct lender is based in Anaheim, USA. It operates only on the territory of one state and that is a problem for people who like it's conditions. Potential customers living in other regions won’t be able to use its offers. Read the review to learn more information about the lender’s rates, maximum amount, and so on.

Rates and Fees

This company offers short-term loans to people who desire to get rid of their budget cracks shortly. Sometimes we all need financial support and Payday Money Center can process an application quickly to provide the money as soon as it’s possible. A customer should be prepared to fees appearing when he takes a loan. You not only have to return the borrowed money amount but also to add a charge which is accumulated when you receive the requested amount. This fee depends on different factors. It may be set according to local requirements, your money-repayment schedule, etc. This lender provides fees that range from almost $ 9 up to $ 45. Although it’s a short-term loan and a customer is obliged to return it quickly, there’s the need to count it in annualized percentage rate. Payday Money Center have rather large charges starting at almost 215 % and rising up to 460 %.

The Money Amount You Can Obtain at Payday Money Center

The lender has a limited money amount a customer can borrow. It starts at $ 50 and rises up to $ 255. It’s not the best way out for a person who needs more because this sum may cover only basic needs. There are many lenders that can give a customer much more money. For example, you need extra cash to cover your utilities, pay for different purchases at groceries, repair a car, etc. Besides, everybody knows that medical bills require much money, and you won’t even know where to go in case you need a bigger sum. Actually, people have different reasons why they ask for emergent help at lending companies and a loan may become a real savior whenever it’s needed. And here, you can’t count on a large sum because this company can’t offer you more than $ 255. Of course, this sum may be well enough in case your expenses are not that big. Besides, it’s a short-term option and this amount is easy to return when the money-return day comes.

Application Requirements

People don’t face any problem when applying for a loan here. Remember that it’s a small money amount you can’t take for a long period. Usually, the borrowed cash has to be returned when your next paycheck arrives. That’s why it’s important to conduct proper calculations and take into account that this sum isn’t the final amount you’ll have to repay. Payday Money Center will add a fee that will depend on your money-return schedule and other factors. Consider you have to meet the lender’s requirements to obtain the desired money sum here:
  • first of all, all the potential customers have to remember that this lender doesn’t accept applications from people who are under 18. Only people who are over this age can’t expect their applications will be approved successfully;
  • your credit story isn’t crucial when Payday Money Center make a decision to give you money or not to give. This company understands that a person just could fail with his/her score and doesn’t have a chance to fix this situation. It wants to help customers who found themselves in a tough financial situation and need a little money support to fix everything. Don’t worry about your score because it’s not essential for this direct lender. You can apply for a loan here and it’s likely you’ll receive it quickly in case you meet all the company’s requirements. But notice that your score should be over 300 and then you’ll definitely a small money sum here;
  • people who don’t have a job can also be approved at Payday Money Center. This option isn’t available in most lending stores and it’s really useful for people who need financial support right now;
  • a customer has to provide specific personal data;
  • notice that military officers can’t get a loan here because according to a Lending Act the APR rate for them can’t be higher than 36 %.

Credit Score Check

This company doesn’t provide any credit checking with the help of three major reporting services. But it still can monitor information shared by other lenders to see if you’re a responsible borrower. It has to be sure you’ll repay the received cash.

Money Funding Period

This lender processes application quickly and you’ll be informed about its decision within one hour. After this, you can relax and be sure that you’ll receive money soon. Usually, the lender provides the requested sum within 3 business days.

Final Words on Payday Money Center

Payday Money Center offers short-term loans to people who desire to get small money sums quickly. But this lender is available only in California and its offers aren’t available for residents of other states. Moreover, the company can provide no more than $ 255 and that is a really small sum in case you need a larger amount to cover serious expenses. The lender has rather high APR rates that may lead to a big surprise when you’ll have to return a loan.
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