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LoanNow offers lending services to people who want to get money quickly and get rid of some financial complexities. It doesn’t matter why your budget cracked and why you need the requested amount. The lender offers simple solutions since 2013 and makes the lives of many customers easier. It operates on the territory of a few states and follows the rules prescribed by local governments. A customer has to pay attention to regulations of an area where he’s based because maximum money amount and rates vary according to them. Today, LoanNow operates on the territory of 8 states and keeps doing everything possible to be able to provide its products on other areas. The loan amount and rates differ depending on a region you’re based in and it’s important for customers. The minimum money sum a borrower can expect to take in California is $ 2000, and in Missouri people even can ask for $ 10 000. Read on the review to learn more about the company’s fees, advantages, and disadvantages.

Advantages of LoanNow

This company has a few essential benefits that can become crucial when making a decision:
  • LoanNow approves applicants having bad credit scores;
  • a customer can monitor his loan payment process;
  • the lender removes fees for late money return.

Bad Credit Cash

It doesn’t matter what your credit report is because LoanNow accepts even applications from people who can’t show a perfect score. The company focuses on customers who have a poor financial background and wants to give more useful options to them. The confirmation doesn’t make anyone wait for it for too long. Sometimes LoanNow approves applications in no longer period than 5 minutes and the money is received overnight. Here, a customer also has an opportunity to take an installment loan and even reduce it’s cost a little. All you have to do is asking your family members or friends to vouch for you. LoanNow website contains the information telling that it can even lower the loan price to 50 %. That’s great news for customers because many lenders don’t provide such a useful option.

Monitor Your Payment

This feature is available for people who take extra funds at LoanNow. It’s very convenient because you can see the statement of your payments and track your schedule. This option also gives the chance to be sure that you won’t skip deadlines and return the money in time. Besides, this lender even can propose better conditions for reliable clients who always pay according to set dates or earlier.

Late Money-Return Fee Removal

This lender may be a real savior for people who can’t cope with tough financial challenges all alone. The LoanNow team understands how hard it is sometimes to get rid of temporary complexities which can grow in permanent ones. It wants to help customers to reduce such a possibility. That’s why this lender can forgive a client late money-return. Some situations don’t let us meet all the deadlines and LoanNow perfectly gets it. Sometimes it doesn’t set fees for late repayments. Besides, people who have an opportunity to give the borrowed sum beforehand are really lucky. This company doesn’t accumulate fees in case a customer wants to return the received amount earlier. Moreover, it’s a chance to get better conditions here and upgrade a credit score. LoanNow offers a few repayment methods and a client can choose any preferable one.

Disadvantages of LoanNow

Before making a decision, you also have to consider disadvantages connected with this lender:
  • limited maximum loan amount;
  • APR rate can rise up to 229 %;
  • it’s unavailable in many states.

Limited Maximum Amount at LoanNow

Sometimes there is a situation when a person needs a huge money amount immediately but family and friends just can’t give it. Banks and other financial institutions often fail to make you a borrower and you have to find another way out. LoanNow would be a nice variant but it can’t provide a sum bigger than $ 10 000. There are many lenders that can offer a customer even more than $ 30 000. This fact is a disappointing one because you never know when a large money amount will be needed and how to cope with this problem.

High APR Rates

Although this lender provides rather acceptable interest rates, they still could be much better. A customer has to understand that he’ll have to return not only the borrowed sum but also fees coming with it. Sometimes it may be a cosmic money amount that will seem to be unbearable for a customer. Here, a client can be offered to pay the APR rate starting at around 50 % and rising up to 229 %. On their website, there’s information that people who have good credit reports can get a better fee.


It's likely that not every US resident is able to use the products of LoanNow. The company provides services only on the territory of 8 states and that is a poor number as for a lender. Many other familiar companies are reachable in 40 and even 45 regions at least. But LoanNow tries to fix this situation and wants to perform its offers in more states next year. But now, people who want to receive extra cash quickly can’t reach this lender in case its conditions are affordable for them. In case you decide to work with LoanNow, it’s better to check if it’s available in the state where you live.

Final Words on LoanNow

Unfortunately, this lender provides rather high rates despite the fact it hasn’t early money-return fees and forgives late payments sometimes. Many top companies with familiar services can offer more reasonable conditions. Besides, even if LoanNow is what you’ve been looking for, pay attention to its availability. Its products are reached only in 8 states and that is a problem for many potential customers. The company’s maximum loan amount is also limited and you’ll have to find another lender in case you need more.
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  • Have a valid bank account
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