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People who want to get rid of their temporary difficulties quickly and there’s no time to wait any longer, LoanMart offers to obtain an auto title loan. A person can borrow money by using his car even in case his credit score isn’t a perfect one. It can be an effective solution in case you’re striving to find cash and cover some emergent expenses. This type of loan is a great alternative for people who don’t desire to deal with banking procedures complexities and face the inconveniences of a short-term repayment period. This lender helps people to get car title loans. In case you’re a vehicle owner and need to obtain cash quickly, you can make a request and have the additional funds delivered on the next working day. Their offers are at your service in the territory of these US states:
  • Illinois;
  • Alabama;
  • New Mexico;
  • Arizona;
  • Missouri;
  • Utah;
  • South Carolina.
People based in California can’t reach the offers of this company.

The Advantages of a Car Title Loan at LoanMart

This lender has valuable benefits that will be definitely appreciated by customers. You may like the following advantages:
  • Convenient and quick application procedure. The entire process doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. They offer to send a request online, phone them and apply for a loan or come directly to their store and execute the mission in real time;
  • Bed credit story is accepted. The majority of lending establishments can’t guarantee that an applicant will obtain a loan in case he has an unsatisfactory financial report. LoanMart gives extra cash even if a customer doesn’t display an ideal credit score. But your financial income should be permanent one and you must be able to return the money;
  • Large application sum. LoanMart offers to obtain the needed money amount quickly even if it’s 120 % of your car’s cost. If you desire to receive a large sum to cope with some temporary complexities and cover expenses, you must be an owner of a vehicle for an auto loan, be able to return the money in time, and be based in the state where the lender’s operations are available;
  • The absence of early return penalties. The lender doesn’t ask you to pay any additional fees in case you want to give the money back quicker than your set date is. Besides, there’s a chance to save some cash by making an interest rate smaller;
  • Variety of methods to obtain the money. LoanMart offers convenient ways to get the requested funds. A client can ask to transfer the money to his banking account, come to their store and take cash, and apply for a check;
  • Their service is reachable in different states. As we mentioned, they provide offers to applicants living in this area: Missouri, South Carolina, Alabama, Illinois, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico.

LoanMart Car Title Loan pricing Scheme

The sum you repay in the result is connected with the cash amount you borrowed and the territory. LoanMart provides clients with an agreement containing total lending information. You’ll find data regarding the sum you take and the sum you’ll have to give back, repayment date, etc. You’re obliged to accept the agreement conditions in case you desire to receive these extra funds. Besides, consider you’ll have to pay some charges featuring the APR 60 % - 222 %. By signing this contract, you agree you’ll repay the borrowed sum in time and return penalties. Consider that the prescribed interest rate and other fees become active earlier than a client receives the applied sum. In case you miss the repayment date, it may end up in lowering your credit score or car repossession. A borrower has to be sure he’ll be able to return the obtained funds before he decides to apply for extra cash.

LoanMart Repayment Period

LoanMart offers clients to borrow the needed money amounts and return them within the period of 12-60 months. The longer term you select the larger sum you can borrow which is very convenient for people who are confident in their financial income. But you should take into account that a longer repayment period brings a larger interest rate.

Is LoanMart a Reliable Auto Loan Lender?

The lender operates according to the local laws of each state. LoanMart protects the received data from sharing, loss, misuse, and access of third parties. You can be sure that all the transactions are safe and comfortable.

How to Obtain the Money at LoanMart

They provide an easy and comfortable application process. A client can request for the money online, via phone, and get in touch with their support managers which are available 24/7. But a person has to be eligible for an auto title loan. You can find out if you can become a borrower here by checking the following criteria:
  • you must live in the mentioned states;
  • the price of your car shouldn’t be less than 1500 $ depending on the area;
  • all the expenses connected with the vehicle purchase have to be covered or almost covered;
  • the lender should have the chance to explore the source of your income;
  • depending on the state, a client can’t be younger than 18;
  • only residents of the Us and permanent inhabitants can obtain the money here.
If you’re ready to become a client of LoanMart, prepare the following information:
  • name, the address of living, phone number, and email address;
  • the required data regarding your vehicle;
  • regular income (prove it by providing salary checks, banking statements, etc.);
  • some document proving you’re the resident of the US.

LoanMart Car Title Loan Characteristics and Effectiveness

If you’re interested in a car title loan, notice that your vehicle is used as collateral when you’re going to get it. The sum you can obtain at LoanMart is connected with the value of your car and your payment capacity. This type of loans is returned faster than other credits you can obtain at a bank, for example. But they also come up with higher charges. It’s a short-term loan and you are obliged to take into account this fact. Consider the chance to lose your car in case you can’t repay the money sum you’re receiving. It’s a pity in case an owner will have to give his vehicle to a financial establishment. Be wise and take into account all the possible results.
Borrower requirements
  • Age 18years or older
  • Have regular income
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid bank account
Obtaining methods
  • Bank account
  • Credit or Debit card
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