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Did it ever happen that you couldn’t cope with sudden expenses and it was real trouble for your family? In case the answer is “Yes” and you want to take a loan but you aren’t ready to give the money back with one payment, there’s another lender to notice. Lendgreen is a company operated by a tribe and all the procedures go through Lac du Flambeau Reservation. The company is available for customers who live in determined US states. But you can’t use its offers if you live in one of the following areas: Georgia, Arkansas, Virginia, Minnesota, Wisconsin, California, West Virginia, Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania. Read on to learn more about the lender, it’s loans, benefits, and many more.

How to Borrow Money at Lendgreen

First of all, you have to find out if you’re eligible for a loan here. One of the most important criteria at Lendgreen is your permanent money source. A client has to earn around $ 1100 every month. You have to check their rules for eligibility and in case you meet all their requirements, you can start the application process. They have a form each customer has to fill according to their demands. Although Lendgreen doesn’t check your credit history with the help of 3 major agencies, it may conduct research by using another service Teletrack. Once you sent a request, they will confirm it almost momentary. They need only a few minutes to inform a person about their decision to give the money or not. The lender creates a pre-approval and estimates a loan you’re going to borrow. Here, a client may start at the sum $ 100 and up to $ 1500. But in case you’re new here, it’s unlikely someone will give you the largest amount. Manager of a company will get in touch with you as soon as it’s possible to help with all the processes. But in case you want to pass the procedure quickly, you can sign an agreement online. They will deposit the required sum to your banking account shortly. Usually, Lendgreen transfers the money within 1 workday. All the loan conditions are described in the provided agreement. You must read it attentively to be sure that their rates and money-return period are Ok for you. If you understand you won’t have enough funds to repay a loan, it’s better to step aside and refuse to sign the agreement.

Advantages of Lendgreen

Lendgreen has great features which help people to cope with their unexpected expenses. Besides, it’s a chance to receive a loan if your credit history saw better days because the lender doesn’t pay much attention to this factor when making a decision. The following advantages make it better than some other familiar companies:
  • They give poor credit loans. Don’t worry in case you spoiled your credit score somehow and know some of the banks or financial institutions refuse to approve your applications. But Lendgreen will still consider your budget conditions and agree to give you a loan only in case you have a regular income;
  • Lendgreen provides financial services on the territory of 40 states;
  • Convenient repayment scheme. You won’t have to give the money back with one sum. You can pay by small amounts according to your payday schedule;
  • Flexible money-return conditions. They offer several methods to people who borrow cash from them: money orders, automatical payments, sending checks my mail, etc. Besides, a customer can cover a loan with small extra sums whenever he wants to without any additional charges.

Characteristics of Lendgreen Services

Lendgreen is a reliable service featuring important characteristics that should attract an average person:
  • A variety of sums you can obtain. A newbie who only starts his path with Lendgreen can borrow from $ 400 up to $ 700. And people who proved that they are responsible can take $ 1000 and even more;
  • Regulated tribal service. The company operates under the rules of Lac du Flambeau Reservation and the money it receives from deals are spent on the development of government projects;
  • This lender has the accreditation of OLA and it means that all the rates and charges are accumulated according to strict regulations;
  • The money-return period may vary according to your payment ability. You can repay the borrowed sum within 3-18 months.

Loan Rates

Lendgreen fees depend on the repayment period you select and it’s likely you’ll pay more for a loan in case this term is a long one. Their APR starts at around 720 % and rises up to almost 800 %. If you want to avoid high rates, consider the chance to repay quickly in case you have such an opportunity. Their agreement explains the sums a client may pay for a loan in different situations. The missed repayments or skipped deadlines lead to extra fees that will essentially increase your loan price. Try to avoid this situation and give the taken money back timely.

Application Process at Lendgreen

There’s nothing hard in this procedure at Lendgreen. You only have to keep the following requirements:
  • a potential client can’t be younger than 18 years old;
  • only US residents or people who live in the country permanently can become the customers of Lendgreen;
  • a person must have a banking account;
  • minimal monthly paycheck should equal $ 1100;
  • a client has to be based in one of the states where this service is available.
Lendgreen also requires the presence of this data:
  • the name, date of birth, SSN, and contact info;
  • data of the ID;
  • info about regular income and payday calendar;
  • banking account data.


Lendgreen is a safe lender providing short-term loans to people on the territory of around 40 states. It’s a tribal company accredited by Online Lenders Alliance. It gives a nice chance to fix your financial situation quickly and repay a loan in a variety of proposed methods. Pay attention to the fact they don’t provide fees in case you want to give the received money back quicker. Their fees may seem too high in comparison with other lenders.
Borrower requirements
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  • Have regular income
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid bank account
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  • Credit or Debit card
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