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Dollar Loan Center is a loan lender which provides vehicle title and payday loans. The lender has been operating for twenty one years now and it currently offers its services in 4 regions.

More about this lender

This lender advertises low rates, unlike the other similar lending entities. Their payment terms are up to sixty five weeks and there are many methods of communicating with their customers. This includes live chatting. The main aim of this lender is to engage in helping people at the places where they have their offices. This entity is a direct lender with more than eighty offices at California, South Dakota, Utah, and Nevada. The company started its operations in 1998 with its HQ is at Las Vegas.


Repayment extension plan

The Company provides payday loans which go up to two thousand five hundred dollars. The exact limit of their loans differs as per where the person borrowing resides. The interest rate for every region starts from 196.96 percent to 388.93 percent APR. However, the real rates differ depending on the state, the kind of loan and how much it is. The interest accumulates each day however the customers pay it during the time when the loan is out. The terms of payment can go up to sixty five weeks and the loan is due as per the customer’s payday frequency.

No charges incurred for paying early

Borrowers can repay whenever they are ready without getting any penalty. The lender does not also charge any fees when applying. Besides the application details, customers are supposed to give other verifications such as:
  • Five references
  • State identification
  • Income evidence
  • Residence proof
  • A bank statement for thirty days if the customer is using direct deposit
Borrowers can apply for the loans online, in person at the lender’s offices or using a phone. The process of approving the offer takes half an hour. Those who apply in person can get their money on the same day. Those who apply online will receive the money the following day.

Client support

Customers at Dollar Loan Center have many ways of getting support. They can reach a support representative through email, live chat or phone. There is an email address for each of the 4 regions where the lender operates. The emails are replied to in less than sixty minutes and the live chat option is normally available instantly. The company also offers details about scam activities and the things to check and what to do when customers suspect fraud. Besides that, the company also provides teaching to borrowers on topics such as:
  • Credit score
  • Budgets
  • Managing finances
  • Credit details

Supporting the people

This lender also focuses on helping people in regions they operate through a certain program. They assist and take part in charity work and they additionally assist various non-profit companies. The company additionally holds competitions on its social media platforms. They even assure borrowers that their offers are the best and they indicate that if the rates aren’t low then customers can get a loan without an interest.


Interest rates

Just like in all other payday lenders, this lender’s interests are quite high. However, their charges are on the lowest ones and are actually much less compared to what other lenders offer. An average loan has an interest of from 196.96 percent to 388.93 percent APR depending on where the person borrowing resides. However, the real interest can be high or low depending on the sum of money borrowed and the repayment plan. Customers must, however, note that the lender permits longer payment duration. When a person repays for the whole term length, he/she might at the end pay a lot in interest.

Revealing client details

The lender has a straightforward privacy policy which states the details which borrowers can provide, how they can be shared and who they can be shared with. Contact details are also provided for borrowers to prevent such kinds of sharing. This openness is highly valued but borrowers should know that their personal details will be revealed to different organizations like the affiliate advertising companies. So, the borrowers are likely to get unsolicited contact from such companies.


This lender offers its services in only 4 regions in America. They have more than eighty branches in those regions and the people can apply for the services over the phone or online. But there are some people who are not eligible to apply. Also, the lender has negative reviews about their customer support, high costs in getting a loan and aggressive collection policies. Even though customers complained about bad customer support, it was mostly those who apply for the loan in person.


Dollar Loan Center Company provides short term borrowing (vehicle title loans and payday loans). The payday loan goes up to two thousand, five hundred dollars and it gets paid within a period of sixty five weeks. The charges in interest vary per region and it is as low as 196.96 percent and as high as 388.93 percent APR. This is quite high if compared with similar kinds of loans but it is quite low when considering the payday rates. The lender guarantees that it will beat the charges of related payday lenders and their support team is supportive and dependable. Dollar Loan Center additionally provides support to the individuals in the places where its offices are situated. They do that through doing charity work, running sponsored events and assisting non-profit organization. And as part of its activities, the lender normally shares client details with affiliates and this is stated on the company’s privacy policy. Dollar Loan Center provides their services in 4 regions in America which means a lot of people cannot access them. The company has been running since 1998 and that gives them credibility. However, even if their interest charges are low, the borrowers will, in the end, pay so much money in interest charges.
Borrower requirements
  • Age 18years or older
  • Have regular income
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid bank account
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  • Bank account
  • Credit or Debit card
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