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Dollar Financial Group provides clients with a variety of different products that help them to cope with their needs. It concentrates on offers like check cashing, loans that can be returned with a single payment, loans with longer terms, money transfer and order, bill payments, etc. Actually, they permanently refill the scope of their services to satisfy the needs of the increasing number of customers. You can exchange currency in one of their stores, use tax preparation offers, and so on. The company was founded in 1979 and since then it has launched around 1400 stores and over 90 franchise offices. Their services are represented on the territory of more than 32 states and they also extended their activity to other countries. Today, people who live in the UK, Canada, and Ireland can successfully reach the services of Dollar Financial Group. The company is on the 2nd place among the firms with the biggest store network in America and on the 1st place in the United Kingdom. It’s also present at the New York Stock Exchange. Dollar Financial Group has famous stores that are known under different names: Check Casher, Money Mart, Payday Loans, Money Shop, The Check Cashing Store, Insta-Cheques, Money Corner, etc. More than 1000 of such locations belong to the company. All their stores have services that provide convenient money solutions to customers. Besides, some offices are open all day round for the whole week.

Services Provided at Dollar Financial Group

This company has a wide range of services that cover many client’s needs. It provides effective and helpful tools to individuals and small businesses. Dollar Financial Group also offers nice features that help people who can’t count on a bank or another financial institution.

Characteristics of Payday Advance Loans

Clients who faced some unpredictable events and need to receive money quickly can count on a payday loan provided by Dollar Financial Group. They can take it for any purpose and return in the short term. But it isn’t an option that can have a prolonged character. Customers are obliged to give the obtained sums back when their payday come. In case you also want to receive a loan here, you must have a banking account. The company has eligibility criteria in case you want to borrow cash. First of all, you have to be employed and your banking account should be active for over 2 months. A client gives a check to the lender’s manager and can take it back when a loan is covered. Dollar Financial Group returns this check when a client pays the entire money amount he borrowed or after the last payment in a schedule. A customer who needs money in the shortest terms can count on the sum no bigger than $ 500. He’ll have to give the money back according to a prescribed period which is the most convenient for his budget. Usually, the repayment period takes from 2 weeks to 28 days. Don’t forget that you have to provide Dollar Financial group with the required data.

Prepaid Cards

The company offers customers to order MasterCard and Visa prepaid cards. The first one is represented in the UK and the second one is given in the USA. Any of these cards are filled with money and a customer can use as much as he needs to. They can be used with the help of more than 800 000 ATM all over the world. It’s a chance to get money quickly in a safe method because they work like credit cards. You won’t have debt because the money will be already on a balance.

Pawn Lawns

Here, a customer can bring one of his valuable things, leave it, and take a loan. Dollar Financial Group will value an item and return it when the borrowed sum is given back. A client will have to pay a charge coming with a loan amount.

Other Services

The company offers affordable rates to people who want to exchange money into another currency. You can also come here and cover the utility bills in case you don’t have any other variant or prefer quick processes. This company also provides a chance to pay for other services represented in their list. And in case you want to transfer money, it’s easy to do here because the lender works with Western Union and makes it possible to do it in the most convenient and safe way. Dollar Financial Group offers other services including phone operations, tax filling, money order, etc. Everybody will find something useful in this company.

Customer Approach

This company creates all the possible tools to make the lives of its customers more comfortable. Dollar Financial Group improves the practice and working experience of its managers to make it possible to help people on each stage of collaboration. Clients are highly appreciated in this company and they can receive support in any store of the company. It doesn’t matter where it is located, managers are friendly and always ready to assist. All the transactions conducted by a client are handled responsibly by this company. It has an advanced system that allows managers to track your reports and control the money. They do everything to reduce possible customer’s losses by monitoring risk data and collecting info.


The company has gained impressive experience and today it’s one of the most recognizable players in the market. Dollar Financial Group provides many helpful instruments and services including different loan types, money orders and transfer, bill payments, etc. The company has numerous stores in 4 countries and provides special training and corporate growth to satisfy customers. Their managers are well-skilled and can help a client in any financial question. They willingly assist people and try to upgrade their experience with the company. For more information, you can visit their website and find details you need to know.
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