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CheckSmart is a company for an urgent cash advance which was launched to assist people when they have money challenges. People have many reasons for wanting money urgently. The reasons include vehicle issues, medical bills, utility bills, and many others. Whatever the reason may be, a person can get a cash advance at CheckSmart Company either online or by visiting its locations. The loan ranges from one hundred dollars to eight hundred dollars depending on what the borrower needs.

More about CheckSmart Company

People can easily get a payday loan since it does not entail too much paperwork. This is suitable for anyone who lacks the means of borrowing money from a bank. When a person makes his/her application in person, he or she is required to postdate a check for the sum of money to be borrowed including the applicable charges. The company will keep that check until the borrower’s following payday when it will cash it. Borrowers are allowed to go before the due date and pay back the money they borrowed. And depending on where one resides, he/she will be able to hold the repayment for the coming paycheck period. This is done through paying the finance charges for the 1st due date. Majority of the loan terms are 2 weeks.

Online application

The best thing about CheckSmart lending company is that people can get the loan online. A person simply needs to go to the website of the company and fill in an application form. Within a short time, the person will be able to apply for a cash advance loan and will get approved immediately after submitting the application. A person can also return after creating an account to review his/her loan history and add or edit his/her personal details. This process is simple and can be done from anywhere provided you have access to the internet. Even if you want a fast cash advance, it is still simple to get it. CheckSmart only requires people to have bank accounts, an income source and their identification to get the quick cash advance. Another very good thing in getting a cash advance is that people will never have to bother about poor credit scores. CheckSmart Company does not check one’s credit score. A person is only required to meet the requirements mentioned above only.

CheckSmart operation

This company has been operating for nearly twenty years now. Throughout its operation, it has been reliable, fast and trustworthy. The customer support team is experienced, supportive and understanding especially when customers need emergency loans. Also, customers do not need to worry about their safety when applying for a loan online. The company employs the best encryption process. Customers’ personal details will never be stolen online. The company additionally adheres to strict laws of privacy and will never reveal customers’ personal details. Also, the company isn’t a credit-counseling entity but the borrowers are encouraged to get such services and they say that payday loan is just a short-term solution to financial challenges.

Other offers

Apart from offering payday loans, the company offers check cashing. They can cash any check including government ones, refunds, paychecks, and personal ones. This is a perfect solution to the people who can’t go to a bank and have no means of cashing their checks. The company also has reasonable working hours in many states; most of them work for longer hours than banks. In fact, some offices are accessible day and night. The other service offered by CheckSmart Company is the Western Union services. If people need to send or receive money, they can go to any CheckSmart location to get the service. There are two hundred and seventy five thousand Western Union locations in two hundred countries. With that high number, customers are assured that their money will be sent or received fast. Options for paying bills are also offered by CheckSmart. People are allowed to pay their local utility bills at a small charge. Bills for services like electricity and cable can be paid at the company and this is a perfect solution for people who are late on their payments. People can additionally buy money orders via Western Union for another convenient option to pay bills. People might also get a prepaid debit card via CheckSmart Company services. The card is referred to as the all-access Visa Card. People are required to load that card with any amount they feel like and then they can use it as a debit card. The all-access Visa Card is accepted at any business location whether online on at the restaurants and shopping places which allow Visa payments. With the prepaid Visa Card, people can purchase whatever they want, they can pay bills and they can even buy an airline ticket with it. Almost all CheckSmart branches provide the above services including some few others like copying machines, prepaid phone, stamps, faxing and phone cards. It is recommended to check the company website to find out what services are offered at the place where you reside.

The aim of CheckSmart Company

The company’s aim is to assist the community through its services and programs. The people working at this company started a certain program in 2004. The aim of that program was to pack a Christmas care box for Iraq marine units. They began the program with a single unit and they are currently taking care of two units. And besides taking care of soldiers during holidays, the employees send huge care packages to all units every six weeks. CheckSmart is available online and it has various offices at different states. Customers can contact the company using a toll-free number available at their website. The toll-free number can be used both during the day and at night. They can also be reached by clicking the contact tab at their website or through filling out a form.
Borrower requirements
  • Age 18years or older
  • Have regular income
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid bank account
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  • Bank account
  • Credit or Debit card
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