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It is impossible to predict when you will need financial assistance. If you saved up enough money, that is good for you. But if not, then receiving a fast cash advance is of great importance. So people often face the question: “Where can I get payday loans online in my state?” It often happens that there is no time to collect documents and get credit in a bank, and it’s not always possible to borrow from relatives and friends. So, in this case, a good option would be a fast cash advance. Check ‘n Go offers a wide range of online solutions for short-term payments that will help you to solve financial problems. In this article, you are going to learn the most significant information about the lender.

The services on offer

The lender offers such services you might be interested in:
  • Payday loans. Every client can apply to the company in order to receive payday loans and cash advances. The amount the client can borrow is not specified as the total amount and charges depend on the state of the USA you live in. The one thing you should remember that you can borrow the small sums of money and repay your cash advance within a month.
  • Installment loans. It is possible to request the amount that varies from 200 USD to 3,000 USD. This type of loan is given for a longer term. However, the rate of interest remains the same as in payday loan, so it is still expensive. For those who need to borrow more money, it is possible to use the Choice Loan service, which gives an opportunity to borrow about 5,000 USD. Mind, the Choice loan is available only in-store.
  • Prepaid debit cards. It is a very convenient service. You are going to receive a MasterCard and use it according to your desires. Mind, you will need to pay the additional fees for prepaid debit card usage. Again, the sum you can use depends on the state you live in and previous financial operations. It is worth mentioning that not all services are on offer in a particular state. So, before applying to Check ‘n Go, it is better to confirm the available options exactly in your state.

The advantages and disadvantages of using Check ‘n Go service

  • Fast application procedure. Our company provides customers with the conditions under which the procedure for applying for microloans online takes only one business day. Therefore, if you urgently need a little money, which you can return in a month, this is a worthy variant.
  • Fast access to money. If you use in-store service, it is possible to receive the funds as soon as several hours after your application will be approved. If you decided to fill in an online form, the money will be transferred directly into your personal bank account within one business day.
  • Spend funds for any needs. You use only your discretion on how to spend your funds as soon as you use them within the pale of laws.
  • Spoiled credit history is not a problem. The company works with clients that have a bad credit history. If you don’t have a good credit history and all financial institutions declined your requests, you still can get extra money. The only thing Check ‘n Go will check is your ability to pay off the cash advance.
  • There are some bad commentaries on the Web. Despite Trustpilot's high rating, clients have written much feedback with complaints on the Better Business Bureau official site.
  • The expensiveness of the service. Check Go ‘n Go usually tells about its price policy in advance, but this does not mean that it is a low-priced service. All short-term loans provide costly charges, which makes them difficult to get. Unfortunately, Check ‘n Go isn’t an exception.
  • The company doesn’t work in every state. Even though Check Go ‘n Go operates in several states, there are some limited options. Check the official website to make sure you can get the loan that meets all your requirements. Or else, think about different options.

Minimal requirements you should meet before applying to Check ‘n Go

Before applying to the lender, familiarize yourself with the necessary conditions.
  • The under-aged individuals are forbidden to borrow money from the lending companies. It is a punishable offense.
  • Only legal residents of a particular state can take a borrowing. You have to provide your contact address as well as confirm legal residential status. In this case no doubt you will get an expected sum.
  • It is necessary to collect an effective revenue of at least 1,000 USD every month. Thus, the company will be sure you can repay the loan.
  • In order to obtain immediate agreement, don’t forget to tell your phone number and an email.
The lender requires a small piece of your personal data like your real name and surname, social security number, a valid address and telephone. They need this information to contact you in order to discuss the general terms of an issue.

The process of approval

Trying Check ‘n Go service, you can always be assured that you’ll receive your funds instantly within one working day. All you need is to fill an application and the company will make the process of transferring money to your account as fast as possible. It is sufficient to say that the lender can’t organize the money transaction less than in 24 hours. For your part, you have to recover the borrowing your next pay day in accordance with your salary schedule. The company has a convenient application form you will need to complete. All you need to provide the ID document and the proof of income.


Such kind of financial help can be very useful when it comes to dealing with emergencies. However, cash advances can’t cope with solid financial problems. It is impossible to find the escape from the dilemma while borrowing extra funds from multiple companies.
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  • Have a valid bank account
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