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CashNetUSA is a prominent lender that offers loans for a short period of time It was established in 2009. The main office is located in Chicago. The company offers payday loans throughout 15 American states.

Essential information the borrower should know

Nowadays it became more convenient and easier getting an online loan than in-store one. There is no need to stay in line or look for a suitable financial institution. Now it is possible to register in the official site of the lender and receive money without leaving home. It is worth mentioning that online lenders ask the same charges as the lenders in local offices. In this article, you are going to find out the benefits of using the CashNetUSA, its rates and charges.

What are rates and fees

CashNetUSA provides payday loans with additional fees starting from $15.49 to $375. These borrowings are for a short period. However, if you calculate the annual interest rate of these fees, you will receive rates starting from 86.9 percent to 1140.63 percent. For example, In California, it is necessary to pay 17 dollars per 100 dollars you have borrowed. In states where regulations are weaker, there will be costlier fees. The maximum fee is $25 for $100, which is about average for the middle class. The lowest charge is $9 per $100, which is one of the lowest commissions in general. Depending on the place you live, the interest rate will differ, but this statistic characterizes the range between which most charges fall.

The sum of the borrowing

It is possible to borrow from $100 to $1,500. The exact amount depends on the state you live in. Mind, the lender works only with small amounts, so if you need to borrow thousands of dollars, you may apply to another place.

The max term of repaying the cash advance

The borrower should pay off the necessary sum within 35 days. You should remember that the sum of repayment is the amount you have borrowed plus the charges the lender takes for their services. And do not forget about the APR. Nevertheless, it is necessary to return more than it was borrowed.

Learn about CashNetUSA approval requirements

Any lender has various restrictions for those who can become a client. Before applying to CashNetUSA, take into account these essential factors:
  • The required age is from 18 and more;
  • The credit score should be as a minimum 300 to receive a positive answer;
  • The client needs to provide a social security number;
  • It is necessary to have a stable income of at least $1,000 per month;
  • The client must have a personal bank account;
  • The applicant should provide such documents as a pay subscription and recent statements from the bank;
  • It is not necessary for the client to have a regular job, but the annual income should be no less than $12,000;
  • Only legal residents of the USA are permitted to apply to a lender;
  • If you file a petition for bankruptcy, you cannot work with our company;
  • The members of the services and their dependents cannot apply to the company. The law on military crediting prohibits lenders from collecting more than 36% per annum from military personnel;
  • The company looks for the different databases to check your credit history;
  • You need to have a valid mobile number.

The benefits of using the CashNetUSA services

Comparing with the rivals, the CashNetUSA has a lot of advantages. First of all, there is no need to collect tons of documents, wait in a line and wait for the bank decision. When you apply to other financial establishments, you will need to wait till you receive your money from one week to one month. The things are different with CashNetUSA. All you need to get urgent funds id to fill in the form, wait for the decision, and you are going to get your money on your personal bank account within one business day. If it happens that you completed the application at the weekend, just wait till Monday and receive the cash without a delay. In some American states, it is possible to receive an installment loan. This means you can receive large amounts and pay off the debt over a much longer period. As a rule, a payday loan has to be paid off in two or four weeks, but a loan with installment repayment has to be returned in several months, sometimes up to a year. The disadvantage is such type of borrowings they have the same high rates of interest as payday loans. And since they charge interest over a much longer term, you are going to repay considerably much money. One more interesting option on offer is a line of credit. To be precise, you’ve got a credit card, and you use money when you need a certain amount of money. You should repay only the sum you’ve spent. The benefit of a line of credit is it is possible to make the least possible payments whereas cash advances require the whole refund at a certain term. If you take an installment loan, you should keep in mind that it requires costly payments every two weeks. It is worth mentioning that you should pay a daily interest rate for a line of credit, and the interest is a lot than on credit cards. Still, if you operate our budget wisely, a line of credit will be a real help if faced some unexpected financial glitches. Easy steps to receive a loan online:
  • Visit the official website of CashNetUSA;
  • Select the preferable amount;
  • Proceed to fill out the questionnaire, entering only reliable data;
  • Confirm the valid mobile number;
  • Wait for a decision;
  • Enter the information about your bank account.


CashNetUSA is a reputable lender which appreciates every client and has an urge to solve financial problems. The company’s approach toward work is extremely fair. If you are in search of extra funds but afraid of going to the bank or other financial institutions, you are welcomed to CashNetUSA. Here all your wishes become true and all financial troubles will be solved as soon as possible.
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  • Have a valid bank account
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  • Credit or Debit card
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