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Cashland has been operating for fifteen years now. It began as a check-cashing company in Ohio and it has advanced from then. They are currently still offering check-cashing services to people who are not able to visit the banks or lack checking accounts. Cashland cashes payroll, government checks, insurance, and personal checks provided they can analyze the validity. Their check cashing costs differ depending on the kind of checks being cashed and the amount of money.

More about Cashland

The company provides several services besides cashing checks. For instance, people can visit the company and request for payday loans. Other services offered by there include:
  • Prepaid debit cards
  • Funds orders
  • Identity theft protection
  • Automobile insurance
  • Income tax return arrangement
  • Western union funds transfer
Anyone interested in the payday loans might find many companies to select from. But, if one is interested in a company which offers payday loans and other services, then he/she should choose Cashland. With more than two hundred regions within five states, there is so much that Cashland can provide. For people who are interested in advance loans, they can apply online at the Cashlad website. There is an application form that must be filled. After filling a form, a person may decide whether to have his/her money sent directly. After that, a person’s checking account will get debited for the sum and the borrowed money due date. And even if a person gets the loan online or through visiting Cashland office, the interest limits will be as per the requirements of a state where he/she resides. For anyone that intends to travel, he/she may visit the Cashland office to get a prepaid debit card. Offered card types are determined by the region where one resides when that debit card is issued. Cards
  • If a person is at Ohio, Indiana, Illinois or Kentucky, he/she will be given a Visa card that is prepaid. The card has an option to get a three percent interest rate at the NetSpend National Savings Scheme.
  • People at Michigan will receive an MIO Money MasterCard that’s prepaid.
  • The above two cards offer direct paycheck deposits.
  • The Visa card is applicable anywhere where Visa is allowed and a MasterCard is applicable anywhere where it is allowed.
A person’s credit is not checked in order to get the cards. Besides, it is recommended to use debit cards that are prepaid rather than cash while travelling. To prevent your identity from getting stolen, you should register for Identity Theft Quick Response. One may sign up for one year of service for household individuals at a low cost. With that, a person will be able to regain his/her identity should it get stolen. Every Cashland branch is a Western Union agent. They can give people money orders as high as five hundred dollars and the charges are low compared to other lenders who offer the same service. Besides that, people may visit the Cashland offices to receive and forward a wire transfer. People residing in Indiana and Ohio should consider getting a whole range of vehicle insurance at Cashland. They only need to visit their location and acquire a quote by calling. After signing all papers and making a down payment, a person’s insurance cover will begin.

Requirements for getting Cashland loans

  • A person must be a citizen in the United States.
  • A person must be employed and should have worked for at least ninety days.
  • A person’s income must be around one thousand dollars per month after tax has been deducted.
  • A person must have a checking account under his/her name.
  • A person must have a working phone number and email address.

Cashland services

  • Fast response to inquiries: Upon making an inquiry, a person is assigned a lender. That lender will ask for more details, for instance, a fax number
  • Sending money: Once a person’s application is approved, the money will be sent to his/her checking account.
  • Security and privacy: Cashland uses the most safe and advanced encryption methods to protect customers’ information.
  • Automatic payment: The borrowed money can be withdrawn automatically from a person’s checking account. So, people do not need to do anything.
  • Delayed payment: There exist several lenders who are among the Cashland network but adhere to different payment policies. So, the person borrowing the money is supposed to read and understand the requirements before signing anything. But, in some regions, the state laws can decide the amount to be charged in case of delayed payments.

Loan extensions

The laws of a state will determine if lenders can offer extensions. In some places, extensions are allowed but in others, they are forbidden. Borrowers who pay late actually allow the lender to charge them a fee for their lateness. In case a person fails to repay the debt completely, he/she will attract more fees. It is recommended to analyze your repayment before deciding to borrow some money. Borrowing cash is convenient but it can really frustrate you if you fail to pay it back. Lenders that belong to the Community Association Services Association are allowed to give people extensions after every one year.

Defaulting the payment

Collections will get pursued immediately the day of repaying is due. Also, there will be criminal charges and more fees might apply if a person fails to pay the loan completely. But if your lender is under CFSA, you will not face criminal charges.

The implications of failing to pay the loan

Cashland will immediately toll over a person’s current loan for an additional fourteen days if he or she fails to pay within the specified period. The charges for renewing the loan vary between lenders. Many at times, the charges are equal to the amount paid to receive the first loan. The lenders are supposed to stick to ethical and legal loan collection practices specified by the industry and the government. Failing to pay the Cashland loan completely will affect the borrowers’ credit history.
Borrower requirements
  • Age 18years or older
  • Have regular income
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid bank account
Obtaining methods
  • Bank account
  • Credit or Debit card
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