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CashCall was established in 2003 and it is one of the most famous US lending companies. Its main office is located in Orange, California. The company provides consumers with the widest range of lending offers. Like organizations of that sort, CashCall has pros and cons that have to make you think before choosing it. This review will tell you about the application procedure, advantages, disadvantages, rates, and information about the lender. Keep on reading.

Bad Credit Opportunities at CashCall

While people are trying to improve their credit scores and fix their budget situation, CashCall offers to take a payday loan even if you have a poor financial history. It looks attractive for many borrowers who fail to show their reports to banks and other financial establishments. But there’s also the other side of the coin because of their high rates. Their APR charge is starting with around 100 % and it’s not acceptable for some clients. Although their rates aren’t low, CashCall gives you a chance to show other lenders that you’re a responsible borrower. They give bad credit loans and that makes a difference. Besides, by making timely repayments, you prove you’re a reliable client to CashCall. They may lower your fee, rate, and increase your credit amount.

What Rates Does CashCall Provide?

The lender performs fixed interest rates and doesn’t hide any surprises for its clients. You’ll know how much a loan will cost for you and there won’t be the need to pay more money over time. Its rates are directly connected with the money amount you want to obtain here. The lender makes them lower only for clients having perfect credit reports. They also have good news for people who are ready to return the borrowed sum earlier. CashCall doesn’t set additional fees for such an opportunity. You can just give the money back earlier than the determined period ends.

Obtaining Payday Loans at CashCall

The lender has its premium product that was the first one they ever provided. It’s called an unsecured loan. CashCall insists that clients often take extra cash to cover other credits or deal with urgent purchases.

The Main Requirements for Getting a Loan at CashCall

The company has specific conditions for obtaining a payday loan:
  • a client has to prove he has a permanent financial source of income;
  • statement of an existing banking account;
  • the ID that proves an applicant isn’t younger than 18.
Today, the lender provides services only in 5 US states and it means you have to be careful when choosing the company to borrow extra funds. Only residents of these states can ask for money here:
  • Idaho
  • Arizona;
  • Utah;
  • California;
  • Missouri.
The sum you can receive is also restricted in different states. You can hope for the amount starting at $ 2600 up to $ 10 600.

CashCall Offers Money Support to Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs who can’t count on a classic loan can apply to CashCall and ask for a small cash amount to pay for emergent purchases or cover bills. Actually, you can use the received money for any business need. Here, you can take a loan successfully in case you meet all their requirements.

CashCall Requirements for a Business Loan

The lender takes into account several factors that help it to find out if an entrepreneur is eligible for credit. CashCall decision also depends on the money sum the client hopes to borrow. They consider the period of a loan, the year of the company foundation, and other factors. Notice that some businesses can’t obtain money. It has to meet the following requirements:
  • it should be a commercial firm;
  • your business can’t be founded less than 2 months ago. You have to prove it has income;
  • the firm must have a business account registered in its name;
  • you must prove your firm has credit guarantee in the amount of 500 and higher.
Notice that CashCall business loans are provided in 18 states which is much more than certain loans. They can change the mentioned rules, so, you should check them when you decide to take a loan. Their website contains proper information. The lender also has a specified money amount a client can apply for. It starts at $ 3 500 and ends up at $ 75 000. Payment schedule varies from 2 years to 10 years.

CashCall Refinance Option and Mortgage

The lender has a few mortgage options including FHA, VA, loans featuring a fixed rate, HARP, roll down loans. But you have to be prepared for complexities while trying to get this credit type. It’s not as easy as obtaining a business or personal loan. On their website, they give proper information and calculator to help you with a mortgage.

CashCall Audience

This lender provides exceptional opportunities for people who can’t be proud of their credit story. Some of them have already failed to get a loan at several companies and banks. Many of these establishments don’t confirm poor credit loans at all. Of course, CashCall is a real savior for such clients but you have to notice something about their rates. They depend on the condition of your credit score. People with brilliant reports get better rates. As we mentioned, it’s a nice option for people who want to pay for some emergent purchase or conduct some operations with the existing debt. It’s the number 1 choice for clients facing the problem of bad credit and those who want to get a business loan. Entrepreneurs who can’t use a classic loan are allowed to obtain extra cash for their firm at CashCall.

How to Apply for a Loan at CashCall

You can apply for a loan online on their platform. First of all, a user has to select the state where he lives. After this, you’ll see the rate schedule for the needed money amount. Confirm the area you’re based in once again. In case you are on the territory of its activity, CashCall loans won’t be available for you. They also ask users to share the following information with them:
  • birth date;
  • the address of living;
  • SSN;
  • a previous place where you were based before in case you live here less than half of a year;
  • credit story;
  • monthly salary;
  • data of your employer;
  • additional income.
Entrepreneurs will have to give the following data:
  • the registered firm name;
  • the type of business entity;
  • the percentage of ownership;
  • category of operations;
  • revenue, etc.
They will also have to verify an applicant. You’ll need to prove you have a regular income, provide a bank statement, and ID.

Final Words on CashCall

CashCall is a lender providing quick and convenient application procedures and fast confirmation. It differs from other familiar companies with the ability to give loans to clients with unsatisfactory credit histories. Due to their high rates, you have to conduct research before asking for a loan here. Be sure if you can cope with money return.
Borrower requirements
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  • Have regular income
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid bank account
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  • Credit or Debit card
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