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Sometimes extra cash is all you need to cope with different emergencies. Unfortunately, in most cases, we face a lack of options when financial support is required. Cash1 is a lender that can become an effective way out of many unpleasant situations when you desire to receive money in no terms. A payday loan is the most popular option among the company’s clients. Although it features short-term use, people prefer it because they can obtain the requested sum quickly. Additionally, Cash1 has other financial services which make customers’ lives easier. You can transfer funds, cash a check or use the money order offers here. The company recognizes how hard it is sometimes to cope with the paperwork at financial establishments and complete numerous forms. That’s why it provides a simple application procedure.

Basic Characteristics of Payday Loans at Cash1

A customer can obtain a payday loan at Cash1 after passing an easy application process. But you will be eligible for this option only in case you can prove you have a stable financial income and have an active banking account. No more than several minutes are needed to fill their application form. It consists of basic questions provided by all the lenders. If you give all the required details correctly and send the form, it’s likely you receive an approval. There are many reasons why people prefer obtaining a loan as quick as it’s possible. Remember that the borrowed cash has to be returned within a short period. Usually, you have 2 weeks to give the money back. A full sum is expected to be returned when your paycheck arrives. Cash1 does everything for you. It takes the money from your account on a set date. Notice that this loan type is created to cover emergent expenses that may appear without any warning. It can’t become a permanent treatment for your budget.

How Much You Can Borrow from Cash1

The sum a client can obtain depends on the amount of his paycheck. Cash1 has to be sure that a customer will be able to return the money on the next payday. And the maximum sum the company may lend is based on the state regulations. Today, the company provides payday loans to people who live on the territory of the following states:
  • Arizona;
  • Nevada;
  • California;
  • Washington.
The lender also takes into account the amount of your income when forming the final maximum sum. It confirms only applications that prove the ability of a customer to repay the borrowed money sum. Cash1 doesn’t allow to prolong the repayment period and all the loans must be returned on a set date. The lender will have to add fees to your sum in case you don’t have a chance to give the money back in time. It’s the main explanation of why this service can’t become a solution for many financial problems. It provides money only for people who have temporary complexities and aren’t going to transform it into their constant budget savior.

Customer Support at Cash1

Cash1 provides great support when you find yourself in a tough situation. Managers of the company will pleasantly help you to avoid stressful moments and cope with new processes. You can call them whenever you have financial questions concerning their service. Their support line is 1-800-683-9683. They accept questions and complaints and help to deal with any challenge.

Referral Program at Cash1

Here, you can bring your friend or family member and receive a reward. Cash1 is a rare lender that has such an option and encourages its customers to recommend it. It gives $ 15 to every person who brings another customer. It’s a great chance to earn some money only for simple advice. Tell your friends that you used Cash1 services and get additional money to your budget. Moreover, the lender doesn’t limit the number of people you bring. It’s easy to become a member of this program. You have to visit their website and press the referral link. Print a special card and give it to your friend. He’ll have to show it in Cash1 store when asking for a loan. You both can become part of the referral program through email. Moreover, newbies also get a $ 5 discount for their 1st loan. This program is a very special surprise from Cash1 as its team is sure that people receive only the best practice by working with them. That’s why they willingly encourage them to use the service.

Is it Safe to Work with Cash1?

Cash1 implements all the possible measures to create a safe place for its customers. The lender assures the data provided with applications is maintained carefully and will never be shared with other parties. The company doesn’t sell customers’ information to different organizations. In case you conduct the money transactions here, Cash1 keeps your data properly. Loans are provided without the involvement of other financial institutions and a customer can be sure that all his operations are confidential. The company keeps up with the times and provides a possibility to apply for a loan online. The information you write and send to its managers is protected from hacking. Cash1 does its best to make all the processes safe and keep the confidentiality of customers. They know how important it is to save personal data from sharing, especially when we’re talking about financial information.

Summary on Cash1

People who find themselves in the middle between their paydays and have a financial emergency can confidently use Cash1 services. Their offers are created for those who want to get rid of temporary complexities connected with small money sums. Although you can’t count on a large sum here, the company is good and quick enough to help you when your paycheck is at a distant date. Mention, you’ll have to give the received money sum within 2 weeks and there’s no chance to extend the repayment period. Cash1 has well-trained managers who will assist you when you can’t deal with some of its processes. The services of this company are preferred by many customers who want to get money quickly. And its referral program is an option that is provided by a limited number of lenders.
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