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Cash Store is a loan issuing company which has been operating from 1996. Loan applications are done online but borrowers are supposed to go to their location in person to collect their money. The company operates in only seven states.

More about the company

Cash Store provides its services to people who reside in New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Texas only.
  • Minimum amount that can be borrowed is one hundred dollars.
  • Maximum amount that can be borrowed is five thousand dollars.
  • The loan term varies per state and amount of the loan.
  • The loan is unsecured.
  • The turnaround time is one day.

The kinds of available loans at Cash Store Company

  1. Installment This loan is for people who want to repay over time and take up big amounts of money. In most regions, borrowers can borrow a maximum of three thousand dollars but at New Mexico, the residents can get up to five thousand dollars.
  2. Cash advance This kind of loan has a short term. The loan is offered to people who reside in Illinois with a cap of 865 dollars. It is also offered to people in Michigan with a cap of 600 dollars.
  3. Title Borrowers who have an alien-free title on their vehicle may request for loans using their title as collateral. In many of the regions, people can get in maximum twenty thousand dollars depending on the worth of their car. But residents of Wisconsin can get up to twenty five thousand dollars.

How the above offer functions

When a customer has a truck or a car with the alien-free title, he or she may borrow a sum of up to twenty five thousand dollars with that vehicle as collateral. The car is evaluated with a title loan and the charges are less compared to a payday loan. A borrower can repay the loan over some time. Also, the sum of money which a customer gets depends on the model of the car and the borrower’s ability to repay as required. The car will get evaluated for title loans and vehicle equity loans. To request for a title loan, a borrower is supposed to present his or her car, the driving license and the alien-free title. The people who reside in Illinois are additionally supposed to show a proof of their earnings.

Application process

Fill in an application form online at the company website:
  • Provide some details about yourself.
  • Review all the specified requirements carefully.
  • Send your request and indicate a ZIP code in order to know which store is closer to your region.
  • Go with your papers to lender’s location to finish the application.

Advantages of the loan

Many stores: Even though customers are required to apply for the loans online, they are again required to go to the company stores in person to complete the application. But since the company has over three hundred stores at the seven states where it operates, people can easily find a store that is close to them. Fast service: Once a person applies to borrow money, he/she will never have to wait for the funds to be sent to his/her account. Instead, the person can get the money or a check on that same day. Other offers: The lender has a referral program. The customers who borrow money for the 1st time also get a discount. A customer may get one hundred dollars through referring someone else to the lender. The customers who get a loan for the first time are given a fifty percent rebate on the interest of their 1st repayment. To get this discount, the customer is only required to present a coupon. FAQ section: The Company has detailed FAQ section on it site. All questions regarding the services being offered have been answered. Safety: The Company has a security certificate and besides that, it is covered by Norton security. Customer details will remain safe and the company’s privacy policy mentions the customer details that are shared. And since there is a lot being heard about hacking these days, customers should adhere to some protocols to protect their personal details more. For instance, they should not use public computers when applying for a loan. Also, they should ensure that their passwords are changed often.

Loan eligibility

To borrow some money at Cash Store Company, a person should be:
  • Residing in a region where the company operates.
  • Having a checking account that is active.
  • Having a good income source.
  • Having a driving license or a state identification.
  • Above eighteen years old.
  • Having a lien-free vehicle title if he/she is interested in a title loan.
The people residing in Illinois, New Mexico, Wisconsin or Texas are qualified for a debit card or a personal check. And if they meet all specifications mentioned above, they will qualify to apply for loans.

The necessary requirements

To finalize the loan application process at this lending Company, all applicants are required to present various documents in most regions. They are:
  • Personal check
  • Evidence for income
  • State identification
  • Current checking account statement
  • Lien-free title if one needs a car title loan

What is expected after receiving a loan?

After receiving the loan, the borrower may use the money to do anything he/she chooses to. For the title and installment loans, the date of repaying is indicated on the contract. It is recommended to pay the loan within the specified time. Borrowers who fail to pay back incur additional costs. In a title loan, if the customer fails to pay back, his/her car can get repossessed.


Cash Store Company is a great lending company for people who reside in the regions where it operates. With its many offers and many stores around the 7 states where it operates, a customer can be able to get a loan that is suitable for him/her.
Borrower requirements
  • Age 18years or older
  • Have regular income
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid bank account
Obtaining methods
  • Bank account
  • Credit or Debit card
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