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Cash Central is a certified lending company which is also part of CFSA (Community Finance Service America Association). This company is also a member at CFPB (Customers’ finances protection agency). The loans offered at Cash Central include lines of credit, installment and payday loans.

More information about Cash Central loan company

  • The minimum borrowing amount is three hundred dollars.
  • The maximum borrowing amount is five thousand dollars.
  • The loan term is one to two business days.
  • The loan is unsecured.
  • The turnaround time is one to two working days.
  • The fees charged depend on the borrower’s credit details and where he/she resides.
  • To be eligible to borrow money, customers should be above eighteen years old and should have a job or income source, phone number, bank account and social security number.

Kinds of services offered by the company

1. Payday

People may get some cash advance and have that money deposited at their accounts the following day. This offer is due the following day. The APR for that lending may be above 600 percent. So, people are required to analyze and understand all the lending requirements very well before taking that offer. The sum of payday loans is determined by the company’s underwriting standards and the regulations of the region where one resides.

2. Installment

This loan type is never returned fully on the following day like in the payday loan. The borrowers are required to pay them monthly, biweekly, bimonthly or within six to twenty four months. The installment loans have a low APR compared to payday loan but they are quite high compared to others. The maximum which a person may borrow is five thousand dollars depending on the specifications and requirements of a region.

3. Line of credit

This lets a person to withdraw the total that he/she needs during that time of borrowing up to the existing credit limit. The money is sent to a person’s bank account the following working day and a person just pays for his/her line of credit when he/she uses it. The money then starts accumulating interest when the borrower gets it. In other short-lived borrowings, the line of credit has a higher APR.

Advantages of the available loans

Fast and easy procedure: Loan requesting process takes a short time and the lender communicates to applicants about the status of their request once they receive it. Once an application is accepted, an applicant can get his/her loan the following day. Borrowing money onto prepaid debit cards: The Company permits customers to have the loan loaded on a Green Dot prepaid card and not into their bank accounts which is more convenient. Borrowing for all uses: The borrowed money can be used to do anything that borrowers choose. Repeat loans: After paying back the whole borrowed amount, the borrower should expect quick funding the next time he/she asks for another loan. Accessing account details: When customers sign into the Company website, they can review their account information, edit their details, send money or even refinance their current amount. Resource center: The company recourse center gives information about various things which enables customers to handle their finances well. Safety: Cash Central has all necessary licenses and it is part of CFSA group and CFPB manages its lending. Besides this, Cash Central adheres to fair processes, lending openness and responsibility. Customer support: The Company website provides various methods of getting assistance in case of anything. There is also a detailed FAQ section where customers can get answers to most of their questions. The information contained at the FAQ section is simple to understand. The website also has details about all services that the company provides including the APR, paying terms and other charges. Extended repayment scheme: The Company does not charge any fee for choosing to use its extended paying scheme. Majority of the existing payday lenders charge some amount for registering for an extended paying scheme. Customers at Cash Central are required to request for an extension plan a day before their loan is due.

Disadvantages of the offered loans

APR: The APRs are quite high compared to other lending companies. For instance, the cost estimating feature reveals that an eighteen-day loan of five hundred dollars in Washington has a fee of seventy five dollars. This can lead to an APR of 304.17 percent. In other states also, extra charges are charged on top of the loan and they range between 17 dollars and 27 dollars per one hundred dollars loan. Additional costs: Customers should try to read about all possible charges, the APR and the state costs before they borrow any money. This will enable then borrow only when they are sure that they can be able to repay it as required. Defaulting: If customers are not able to repay the borrowed amount within the specified period, they should consider applying for the extended payment scheme. But, if they fail to pay back the loan during the extended period, their promise note will come to collection and the full loan will have to get paid at once. This implies that if a borrower misses some payments it can lead to a much higher loan burden. So, borrowers must ensure to maintain their repayment schedule to avoid paying the entire owed money at once.


The company does not charge anything for the extended payment plan. This is an advantage to people who need more time to repay the loan but do not want to incur additional charges. In case a customer changes his/her plans about the loan, the company will also allow him/her cancel the loan within one day of getting the loan. Cash Central Company can benefit the people that borrow steadily and repay regularly. The APR differs as per the region where one resides. Before choosing to borrow, a person is supposed to analyze all requirements properly since most of the details concerning the loan become available once loan applications are sent.
Borrower requirements
  • Age 18years or older
  • Have regular income
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid bank account
Obtaining methods
  • Bank account
  • Credit or Debit card
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