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The world is changing rapidly that means traditional methods do not work so well as earlier. It is especially true when speaking about money issues. Nowadays a person doesn't have to waste precious time at a bank or other financial establishments if there is an urgent necessity to get some cash. There is a better solution to all money difficulties that is called a cash advance company. Have you heard about such option of quick cash obtaining? Cash America is one of the numerous similar companies but still stands out of the crowd without any doubt. The service has amazing experience in providing people with payday loans, installment loans and other kinds of short-term credits. This company has definite features learning which can help you decide whether it is the right solution for you or not. So let’s go on and outline the most important characteristics of this popular lender.

The Key Characteristics of Cash America

You’d better find out more about a credit company before applying to it. The main reason for it is a great number of suchlike services which are ready to provide you with short-term borrowing. But not all of them are worth your attention. That’s why it is necessary to understand what you are going to be involved in.

Three days for changing a decision

There is a great opportunity Cash America provides its users with. It is a grace period that lasts for three days. During it, you can easily return received money and cancel the loan if your financial situation is different now. In other words, you can change your mind and pay the cash back if you do not want it anymore. Agree, such a possibility is very convenient especially for those people who are still hesitating whether they will be able to cover available expenses without short-term credit or not.

Quick loan approval

Do you need quick money? Then Cash America can help receive such financial assistance. Just prepare all the required documents and apply to the lender. If everything is okay, your personal loan will be approved on the same day. As for money, expect the desired amount on this or by the next working day.

Absence of credit checkup

Cash America doesn’t require any credit score checkup for accepting or rejecting a borrower. It is a great option for people with a bad credit score. So it is the best way to obtain money. However, pay attention that a percentage rate will be higher due to the absence of credit check. Mind this feature when deciding to apply to a cash advance company.

No prepayment fees

Have you heard about prepayment penalties? Cash America doesn’t have them. It means you can easily return money back earlier a stated deadline without any additional fees. Finally, it will help save a lot of money for the clients in term of interest charge.

What are Rates and Possible Amount of Borrowed Money

Short-term credit is an excellent opportunity to solve available financial difficulties. It may help cover electricity bills, medical treatment, car repair, payment for education and more. However, you should be very attentive before applying for a loan. It is necessary to find out what the interest rates are and how much money you could ask for. To begin with, a person can apply to Cash America and ask for a sum from $100 to $2500. This amount depends on living expenses, available income and the state you live in. As a rule, a person can refund up to 4 weeks. There is also an opportunity to extend this period for several months. But be attentive, in this case, the overall loan cost will be increased. As for interest rates, they are also a decisive factor while making a decision about asking for a loan. Here they start at 235 % and achieve a point of 533%. Of course, APR will also depend on the state you live in. Mind, you will have to pay additional fees if you don’t pay online or rollover the loan.

How to apply to Cash America

Have you made up your mind to get a short-term loan at Cash America? Pay attention, it is a very simple process which won't take you too much time. So, first of all, go to a company official website. Study the menu carefully. Go to an application form. Next step is filling in all required information. Include personal data such as name, address, and e-mail. Be attentive while mentioning other important information. Check the application form twice in order to avoid possible mistakes. Include only proper and available info. For example, you need to write a valid phone number and current place of living. And, of course, type the loan amount you want to get. Calculate the rates and decide whether they are acceptable for you. If you don't have access to the Internet or do not trust the electronic system, then consider the next option. It lies in visiting any of Cash America pawnshops. There you can also apply for a title loan, pawn credit or choose any of available offers.


Though Cash America is a popular lender, its rates are quite high. The company is a member of the Community Financial Services Association and keep to their code of successful practices. As a result, choosing this cash advance service allows you to return money earlier or extend the refund period. The process of applying for borrowing is quite simple and quick. Moreover, you don't need to have a perfect credit score. All in all, such an option of receiving extra money may turn to be too expensive for you because of high-interest rates. So think twice and consider other ways to find the necessary amount of cash. Maybe your friends or relatives can help you cope with financial difficulties. Anyway, be attentive and read all condition very attentively. Otherwise, you can face some unpleasant problems. Finally, contact the company support system if some points are not enough clear for you.
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