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Blue Trust Loans belongs to tribal companies and offers clients to borrow the sums in the amount of up to $ 2000. They have short-term offers and their repayment scheme is around 6 months. The benefit of a tribal lender over lenders is the ability to operate in the states where others don’t want to provide financial support. The company was established in 2014 and it’s located in Hayward. It operates in 37 states. Receive more details about the lender, its offers, and rates, by keeping reading the article.

Benefits of Blue Trust Loans

In case you have temporary difficulties and want to get rid of them as soon as it’s possible, Blue Trust Loans is a nice feature to refill your budget. It has a few benefits that may become an effective solution for a client. These advantages include:
  • repayment period;
  • a credit report isn’t demanded;
  • customer support.

Money-Return Period at Blue Trust Loans

The lender offers $ 2000 to newbies who only start using their service and larger amounts to regular clients. Blue Trust Loans offer the return period of 6 months with 6-24 payments. It depends on how often a borrower receives his paycheck – every month, once in two weeks or weekly. A client can return the borrowed sum at any time before the deadline without any additional fee. The rate varies from around 470 % to 840 %. It’s easy to obtain an installment loan here by conducting an application process. You only have to send the proper data to the company. They will ask you to provide them with this information:
  • the name, SSN, address, contact data, date of birth, etc.;
  • employer’s name and contact data, paycheck information, salary amount, etc.;
  • banking account data.

No Credit Information is Needed at Blue Trust Loans

The lender doesn’t need your credit history but it still pays attention to your financial statement. They will ask if you’re bankrupted or have other debts. In case you’re on the edge of bankruptcy, Blue Trust Loans aren’t going to help you in tough financial situation.

Customer Support at Blue Trust Loans

Once you sent them an application, Blue Trust Loans manager will contact you during a working day or within several minutes. He or she will find out if the provided information is correct and you’re eligible for credit here. You’ll get an application just after you communicate with a manager. They also deposit the requested money sums extremely quickly. A client may receive the needed cash on the same day after approval. A user can easily get in touch with Blue Trust Loans customer support service by using the provided methods of communications: via phone, email, and online form. Their website also contains information about their physical address. The lender offers even more options for people who want to reach their customer service: a special support phone number, fax number, email address, and the phone number to find out the processing stage of your loan. Managers quickly respond to the client’s letters and all the phone calls are accepted directly by their consultants. But you have to keep in mind that it’s hard to get information before you receive an approval of the request.

Disadvantages of Blue Trust Loans

Before deciding to ask for extra funds at Blue Trust Loans, you have to take into account their disadvantages. They include important factors like poor transparency, hidden fees, and possible information share. Keep on reading for more information.

Poor Transparency Rate at Blue Trust Loans

On one hand, the lender gives some information concerning its offers, rates, and fees. They have this data on their platform. You can enter it and study everything you desire to know about the offers they have. But on the other hand, you will hardly find the information about borrower’s responsibilities. It’s not serious in case a person wants to get a loan here.

Blue Trust Loans May Add Fees

You can cope with the application form whenever it’s convenient but you won’t come across the information about different types of fees they can set while you’re repaying the borrowed sum. There’s no clear information about the interest rate and that performs a big problem for a client. Due to the repayment period of 6 months, a borrower will have to return a sum that is essentially larger than he obtained. Blue Trust Loans insists that the entire info about rates is included in the agreement a client has to check before getting money here. That’s why people should pay attention to this document and explore it carefully to be aware of all the additional fees.

Blue Trust Loans Shares Customers’ Data

The Privacy Policy of the lender contains the words that prove they can freely use your information and use it starting from about 1 month since they got it. Blue Trust Loans also say they keep the right to use the client’s data even in case he’s no longer their client. They provide a phone number you can use to tell them which information can’t be shared. But there are only a few types of data they can keep from exploiting. In case you choose the lender, be sure that you will have to answer phone calls from other companies and receive emails from their marketers. Notice that there are several websites having the name of Blue Trust Loans. Be careful before choosing one of them.

The Conclusion on Blue Trust Loans

Blue Trust Loans provides nice options to refill your balance but they still don’t give much information about fees and rates of your loan. In most cases, a client finds out how much he will have to pay only after he gets an application approval. Although they have excellent customer support, a user has to conduct a little research. There are many comments about the lender on the Internet. Read them and make the right decision. Besides, you’ll have to be ready for the fact that they will use your private information.
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  • Have a valid bank account
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