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It happens that a person needs some quick money to solve available financial difficulties. It doesn’t matter whether he or she has a constant source of income or a perfect reputation. Any urgent and unpredictable situation may take place and there are no guarantees you are not going to face such unpleasant issues. However, it is very important not to get upset but look for a perfect solution. Banks and other suchlike establishments simply can’t provide clients with a quick money solution due to a long procedure of getting cash. That’s why people are wondering whether there is a good alternative to traditional credits. No doubt there is! A cash advance company is just such a magic stick using which you can solve any money problems. Anyway, don’t hurry up to apply to one of the numerous services. You should be very attentive with the choice of your future partner. Big Picture Loans doesn't need to be introduced as has a perfect reputation among borrowers these days. Lots of people apply to it as are sure it is a great way to sleep calmly at night and don't worry about own property. But let's not jump to conclusions and look closer at this lender.

The Requirements of Big Picture Loans

Like any short-term credit company, Big Picture Loans also has definite requirements you need to meet to get approval. Among them are:
  • Your income should not be less than 700 dollars a month;
  • The company may provide you with financial assistance even if you have no job. But mind there is one condition. Your income should be at least $8,400 per year;
  • You can’t apply for a loan if are a military member;
  • Clients with a credit score of at least 300 have a chance to apply to Big Picture Loans.

What are the benefits of Big Picture Loans

Are you still hesitating to apply to Big Picture Loans? If yes, then let’s find out what advantages a lender offers the clients.
  • Installment Loans
The company is glad to offer clients payday loans. To be more clear, you may pay every payday or even a longer period. You don’t have to refund in full just on the next day. As a rule, people have up to 22 months to return the money. So, the functions of the credit at Big Picture Loans are more than just a short-term loan. What is more, a lender doesn’t check your credit score so it is not necessary to have a perfect one. Doesn’t it sound great? So do not worry in case your credit score is bad. The lender is still glad to provide you with financial support.
  • One-Day credit approval
One of the most pleasant advantages of Big Picture Loans is really quick credit approval. The lender is proud of simple applying process which lets to get money in 24 hours. In other words, any client can enjoy fast credit approval. But of course, you need to be at least 18 years and the resident of the USA as well as meet mentioned above requirements. In this case, clients will get positive feedback from a lender within one business day. So, you can apply to BPL for the credit of $200 up to $1,000. Mind, such type of lending may turn to be quite risky because of high-interest rates. As a rule, these rates start from 780.03%. As for the annual rate, it depends on many factors among which are credit amount, the credit duration and payment frequency. Next important point you must take into consideration is payments. Usually, they are stretched out over from 12 to 44. The more stretched period you have, the more you pay in the end.
  • Attentive customer support system
A good customer support system is very important for borrowers. Only in this case, they can feel safe and protected. Big Picture Loans provides them with a fax and telephone numbers, email and physical addresses. So you can easily get in touch with the company representative via any convenient method and get professional assistance on a necessary question. If you don't need to get the answer at once, then write via email. But if there is something urgent, prefer a phone number as you can receive a response directly and quickly.

How to Apply to Big Picture Loans

Pay attention, the process of applying to Big Picture Loans is very quick and won’t make you waste too much time for filling the required information. Visit a company website and go to the application form. Fill in all necessary data including name, address, phone number, personal social number, email, etc. Check the mentioned data attentively. If there is something not clear enough, don't be shy to contact a support system. Finally, write the desired amount of money you need to solve your financial difficulties. That's all. Wait until the company workers check your form and approve it.


Big Picture Loans is a quite popular lender these days. It doesn't require returning the money the next day. You have enough time to refund. The application process here is very convenient and easy. You will get a necessary amount of cash just in 1-2 days. This makes lots of people choose exactly this company. However, one should be very attentive as interest rates are quite high. If you apply to the cash advance service for the first time, then feel free to ask for $200 to $1,000 credits. You are allowed to return money for 22 months. So, before making a final decision, look for the comments of real clients and analyze their experience. You may come across some negative feedback of people who are not satisfied with the company's transparency. Anyway, it is up to you to decide. Think twice, especially if it is your first experience of applying to a short-time loan company. Take all the pros and cons into consideration and choose the best option of getting rid of money difficulties.
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  • Have regular income
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid bank account
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