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When your savings are not enough to pay the utility bills, repair a car or plan a perfect wedding, it’s time to think of extra cash. But sometimes a person has a lack of options that help to fix budget problems. If you decide to pick a company that can lend you money, it’s important to stay away from scams because this sphere is full of cheaters. In this review, you’ll find the information about Approved Cash, a lender that offers payday and installment loans in the USA. Unfortunately, this company has a reputation of a lender you will hardly trust. Customers noticed it in the variety of unfair deals and that’s really sad due to the possibility to get money fast here. Moreover, its rates are rather high and a person who decides to obtain a loan here will be surprised when informed about a total amount. Learn more about this lender in this review and decide if you want to take money here.

Approved Cash Loans Characteristics

This lender provides financial options to customers who are in need and want to receive extra funds quickly to cover unexpected expenses. Approved Cash operates on the territory of 6 US states and has 186 stores. The company has a rather large experience as it was founded in 2004. Customers can use offers provided by the lender including payday, title loans, and check cashing. Here’s a description for some of their products:
  • a title loan is a money amount you can get for the value of your car. The company has to estimate it and then decide how much you can take from them
  • a payday loan is a money sum a customer can choose to get when extra cash is needed immediately. It’s a small amount having a short-term characteristic. Actually, a customer has to return it when his next paycheck arrives.
In case a client decides to take a single payday loan here, he has to give back the money within 2 or 4 weeks. Of course, some people decide to extend this period for months but you have to notice that it can’t be a long-term solution for your budget. You’ll pay more than you received due to high rates. Approved Cash has an essential advantage over many US lenders. They provide quick access to extra cash. You can choose a store located near your house and go there to receive a small money amount. An application process will take only a few minutes and you'll be sure that your budget will be refilled very soon.

Approved Cash Rates and Fees

The company’s charges and rates depend on the regulations of a state where you are based. In case you want to get a loan from Approved Cash, you have to share your zip-code. They will inform you about their rates. Let’s look at a simple example closer. If you live in Virginia, your typical $ 1000 loan will come up with a monthly rate of 18 %. Your largest payment per month will be around $ 208, and the APR rate – almost 216 %. When you find out your rates, study the market in your city. The company’s rates are rather high and there’s the possibility that you’ll have to return an impressive money sum. That’s why compare its rates with the rates of other companies and try to find something cheaper. In case you decide to stay with Approved Cash, it will send you an agreement you’ll have to read carefully. The lender will inform you about your repayment terms and fees. And you should read the conditions connected with its loans.

How to Apply at Approved Cash

This lender is available on the territory of 6 US states and a customer can choose the most convenient method of application. You can visit one of their stores and complete a form there. In case its office is far away from your house, you can enter their website and choose an appropriate loan type. Complete a form and wait for the confirmation. You have to provide basic information like your name, address, ID, phone number, checking account details, employment data, income amount, age, etc.

Eligibility Criteria at Approved Cash

Approved Cash opens broad horizons to people who want to receive the cash fast. It doesn’t have strict requirements but a customer will still have to follow some basic ones:
  • provide SSN;
  • share contact data: email, phone number;
  • banking account details;
  • prove you have a stable money income;
  • ID;
  • be a resident of a state where the company operates;
  • be over 18 years old.
You have to be sure that this lender is available on the territory of your state. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get a loan from Approved Cash. Currently, the number of areas where it is available is rather limited and many people can’t reach its offers. Besides, you have to learn the conditions of loans provided in different states. They may vary and you have to know if the money amount you want to borrow will not cost too much for you due to the company’s high rates.

Customer Service

The company provides contact data on their website. They have a few phone numbers including lines for questions and loan applications. Besides, a user can write a message directly on their website.

Final Words on Approved Cash

This company may be a nice choice when you’re looking for a small money amount to cope with your medical or groceries bills. Approved Cash provides the needed sums quickly and doesn’t pay attention to your poor credit scores. Its products are available on the limited territory and people only from 6 states can use them. Its fees a rather high and there’s the possibility to find a lender with lower charges. You may ask for a small sum to cover emergent expenses but on the due date, you will have to pay much more than you received from this company.
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  • Have regular income
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid bank account
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