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Allied Cash Advance is another company arranging lending support in the USA. It was established in 1999 and today it offers services like personal and installment loans, lines of credit. They differ from familiar lenders with the option to apply for extra cash online and by visiting their land-based store. That’s very comfortable for both people who prefer doing everything via the Internet and those who prefer private communications. They operate according to the local laws protecting people from different machinations and misunderstandings. People who want to apply at a land-based store will have to fulfill the following steps:
  • provide valid US ID card or MCAS;
  • provide a document proving you have a banking account;
  • display proof of regular financial income;
  • correct phone number.
Allied Cash Advance provides services at around 70 places in Arizona, Virginia, Indiana, California, and Michigan. A client may obtain the desired money in a store where he applies. People who prefer online services are connected with the 3rd party Check’n Go. Web offers are available for people living in these areas:
  • California;
  • Hawaii;
  • Alabama;
  • Kansas;
  • Florida;
  • Nevada;
  • Maine;
  • Illinois;
  • Ohio;
  • Missouri;
  • Wyoming;
  • Utah;
  • Oklahoma;
  • Michigan;
  • Texas.

Advantages of Allied Cash Advance

This review includes both advantages and disadvantages and that’s why you’d explore the article carefully. There’s some information about their service, rates, and money-return conditions. Let’s start with Allied Cash Advance advantages:
  • fast depositing;
  • poor credit loans;
  • money-return conditions;
  • customer support.

Allied Cash Advance Fast Depositing

If you have a lack of time and want to save valuable hours when an emergency requires extra money funds, you can use their website and send an application online. They have a comfortable service with a clear form that is filled within a few minutes. But both clients coming to Allied Cash Advance office and online applicants receive the needed money quickly. The first ones obtain cash on the day they come to a store and ask for financial support. The others have the money deposited to their accounts within 1 business day.

Allied Cash Advance Poor Credit Loans

The lender gives you more than just a loan. They save your credit score and don’t check the reports from different bureaus. Clients taking loans at Allied Cash Advance are protected from the influence of an application on their credit scores. It’s important for everybody and it’s definitely a great plus for this lender.

The Money-Return Options at Allied Cash Advance

Allied Cash Advance gives a client to select from a few different methods to give the borrowed money back:
  • you can visit their office and pay there;
  • the money will be withdrawn from your banking account automatically;
  • online payment method;
  • return the money by using your phone (mention that a client will pay a commission around $ 5).

Allied Cash Advance Customer Support

A client has to search for contact data to be able to get in touch with managers and find the answers to questions regarding different offers. Allied Cash Advance provides its offices’ phone numbers and general number 1-800. In case you prefer emailing or online communications, they offer you to use their form and write a message. Their managers will reply as soon as it’s possible.

Disadvantages of Allied Cash advance

Allied Cash Advance has a few disadvantages each borrower has to take into account when deciding which lender to select. Here are the most significant ones:
  • online applications are processed by Check’n Go;
  • data about their APR;
  • Virginia juridical trial.

Check’n Go Collaboration with Allied Cash Advance

Allied Cash Advance doesn’t provide online loans directly. They involve another lender that can provide this service. All the online forms and processes are executed by Check’n Go. Although web services are popular nowadays and users essentially save their time by applying with the help of their devices, it’s better to think first before trusting the 3rd party. You’ll have to check the info concerning Check’n Go to be sure it’s a reliable method of lending.

The Lack of APR Info at Allied Cash Advance

It will be hard to calculate the entire sum you’ll be obliged to return to Allied Cash Advance. They don’t provide proper info concerning their APR rates accumulated when a client takes a loan. That’s why it’s likely you’ll have to take a risk when obtaining money here. Of course, it’s not hard to realize that this lender doesn’t give extra funds for a long period but the lack of APR info makes you be careful. People who are going to take extra cash at their office will have to ask about their rates when they meet Allied Cash Advance managers.

Virginia Juridical Trial and Allied Cash Advance

In 2017, Allied Cash Advance was accused of illegal lending operations and giving loans with APR of around 270 % and $ 100 fees without a license by Mark Herring. The accuser also stated that their agreement doesn’t meet the requirement of the law. Their practice breaks the Act protecting customers in Virginia and Mr. Herring is trying to return the money to borrowers. This trial essentially influences the reputation of Allied Cash Advance. Of course, they provide many great services but it’s better to find everything about their fees before you take a loan. Only in this case, you’ll be aware of all the expenses.

Final Words on Allied Cash Advance

The lender has 5 offices on the territory of 5 US states where a client may obtain the offered loan type. Allied Cash Advance also has the online service but it doesn’t cover these operations. The company redirects clients to their partner Check’n Go which processes applications. The lender offers clients to repay in several methods and it’s a great option because each one can choose something convenient. But it’s a pity the info about the fees and rates they provide is almost impossible to find on their website. A client has to ask about everything their managers. Besides, the Virginia trial has an essential impact on their reputation.
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  • Have regular income
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid bank account
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  • Credit or Debit card
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