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Advance America is a remarkable lender that provides cash advances on good terms. Comparing with most of the rivals, the company offers a beneficial rate of interest and provides fast approval. However, there aren’t a large variety of financial services. You can borrow only small amounts.

General information about the lender

Advance America provides their services in 28 American states, making it one of the most common lenders all around the USA. The lender has been working since 1997. More than 20 years the company supports its clients with financial help. People trust the lender, that is why there are a lot of returning clients. It is possible to float a loan in-store or online without leaving home. Online and personal cash advances have the same interest rates and the same requirements for the application. When you apply, it is necessary to provide the proof of identity, a Social Security number, income statement and information about a current bank account. This info is essential in order to have contact with you and discuss the necessary details. Mind, before you sign the relevant documents, carefully read their contents.

The way Advance America works

Advance America works in the same way as other services. After your application has been applied, you should agree with a fixed amount of your borrowing, as well as with the commission and payment schedule. You are going to get money as soon as several business days and come back to repay your loan at the end its term. It is usually the day when you get the next salary. Charges are typically considered over a 14-day period. They can vary depending on the US state you live in. If you tend to borrow funds, it is significant to understand that you must repay them in a short period. Moreover, you should repay more than you have lent. That is the precise scheme of how the lending companies work. For example, in California, the extra charge per $100 is $17.65 with 460.16% APR, while in Washington the extra charge per $100 is $15 with 397.07% APR. So, as you see the numbers differ in each state. You can check out the approximate fee just by visiting the official website. The major difference between borrowing online and a personal loan is how fast you receive the money. You need to wait for online cash advance approval for approximately two working days. One more great advantage is that if you complete the form before 10:30 in the morning, you can receive financing on the same day. Other online lending companies do not have such exclusive financing options.

Advance America requirements

Before applying to the lender, it is better to learn the essential information about the process of borrowing as well as about the company requirements.
  • For under-aged individuals, it is illegal to take cash advance in the lending corporations.
  • Only the legal citizens of America can take a payday loan. It is necessary to confirm your address as well as a legal residence status. By providing real information, it is possible to obtain the cash advance.
  • A spoiled credit history is not a problem. Nevertheless, it is necessary to have a stable income and earn as a minimum 1000$ per month. As a result, it will assure the lender that you can pay off your debt.
  • Clients who have a credit score as a minimum 300 can borrow through the Advance America loan issuance system.
  • Soldiers in active service and their secured dependents cannot borrow from the Advance America. The law on military crediting prohibits lenders from collecting more than 36% per annum from military personnel.
  • To receive prompt approval, it is necessary to tell the company representative your valid phone number and an email.
  • As a final point, it is impossible to borrow from our company if you are a debtor.

The advantageous services the lender on offer

It is worth mentioning that along with payday loans, you can achieve some additional, no less beneficial services.

Line of credit

It gives you the option to control the sum you need to return. All you need is to pay interest rate only for what you use, not the whole sum. This financial alternative is great for those who need cash fast.

Installment loans

It is possible to borrow higher amounts by using this option. Moreover, comparing with short-term cash advances, installment loans have a longer repayment time period. However, during the term of the loan, you pay much more fee than for a bank personal loan.

The essential information about terms and conditions

When you apply to Advance America, you will see that it is the most opportune variant for those who are looking for a small sum of money for a short period of time. There is no need to inform the company where you are going to spend your money. The agreement conduction will take several minutes, after which the required amount will already be in your hands. Nevertheless, it is important to learn the company terms and conditions.
  • The maximum amount of money you can borrow is $5000, while the minimum one is $100.
  • The max term of repaying the borrowing is 31 days.
  • The additional charges vary from 15 to 87.5 dollars. These loans are like a temporary credit, but if you calculate the annual interest rate of these fees, you will receive rates varying from 234.9% to 785.27%.
  • The applications are applied without a delay. It usually takes from one hour to several business days to apply the client’s request. To receive the money to your business account, you need to wait three days.


Advance America provides convenient forms, transparent agreements as well as extremely fast approval. The lender is fair with its clients. They thoroughly calculate the repayment and percentages and fix it in the contract. However, there are some shortcomings. It could be more financial options like cash checks. But the lower-than-average fees and pleasant APRs attract clients all over the USA.
Borrower requirements
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  • Have regular income
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid bank account
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  • Credit or Debit card
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