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Paydays loans are a great way to get rid of any money difficulties as soon as possible. Unlike other financial establishments, they do not require a lot of information and documents from a person for getting financial assistance. That’s why nowadays many people look for a good company to rely on and solve available problems with ease. ACE Cash Express is just such a payday lender which is ready to provide you with urgent professional assistance. It has over 1,500 representatives through the country which means you can really entrust your reputation to this company without hesitations. All in all, ACE Cash Express lender offers rapid approval and money support for everybody. But does it really deserve such popularity and your attention? Let’s look in details.

What are ACE Cash Express Details

You won’t face any difficulties with applying to this company for quick credits as plenty of retail locations are situated across the country. It is very convenient as you can easily enjoy any of available services among which are:
  1. Payday Loans. You can choose these short-term loans with high interest to solve any necessary financial problem. Be prepared to pay back in a month.
  2. Installment Loans. This type is taken for longer periods if compare with the mentioned before payday loans. You will get a higher cash amount after choosing the state you live in. Mind, there is a chance to ask for up to $2,000.
  3. Title Loans – Title credits provide you with funds quickly while using free-and-clear vehicle title as a side.
  4. Prepaid Debit Cards. They give a certain amount of your purchase to help fight breast cancer. At the same time, the Tax Elite card offers to return money faster.
  5. Check Cashing. It is acceptable at retail locations only. So forget about annoying visits to the bank as you will be able to cash your checks in a more convenient way. Mind, there is also a nominal fee made on the total cash amount.
  6. Auto Insurance. The lender offers you to get auto insurance and in such a way to save real money. It can also pay your premiums every month without any necessary additional fees. ACE Cash Express has many coverage levels but no credit checks.

Learn all about interest rates and fees

As it was mentioned before, the company offers clients an impressive selection of loan types. Therefore, each of them has a different fee structure and rate that also depends on a particular state. Let’s imagine you are asking for an installment or auto title loan. Both of them definitely have a lower APR than well-known payday credits. Anyway, this company is completely transparent with provided fees as well as rates. This point surely pleases clients. Moreover, it is possible to see the information about them right on the company website. It means, you have a chance to see what you are going to be involved before applying for cash advance. If believe official website ACE Cash Express, request for necessary borrowing type is very simple. Clients just need to mention some personal data including date of birth, address, social security number and amount of money they are eager to obtain. The whole process will take a few minutes. After credit approval, you will get money on your account current as soon as possible.

What are Requirements of Ace Cash Express

It should be noticed that this company doesn’t have too strict requirements for obtaining a loan you need. So, you shouldn’t worry about the process of applying to a popular lender. All you need is just to follow several key requirements and enjoy quick financial assistance. So, let’s look at them closer:
  • You must be of full age;
  • Live in the state where you are going to apply for financial assistance;
  • Have either ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) or SSN (Social security number);
  • Have a stable income;
  • Don’t have a status of a debtor in a bankruptcy case;
  • Shouldn’t be a regular or a reserve military member;
  • Obtain a saving or checking the account that is open, not less than for a month .
By the way, pay attention you must be on the title of the vehicle if you ask for auto title loans. In case there are two people in it, both of them should be present while applying for a credit.

Do I really need the help of ACE Cash Express

To begin with, it's better to talk with friends and family members before applying to a loan lender. Maybe somebody will be able to help you solve the financial issue without any rates. Of course, you may feel not very good while asking the closest people for help but still it may turn to be a good idea. Additionally, you should check own credit to understand whether you have a good score for obtaining a personal loan. Next, you can search for other people’s comments on Ace Cash Express and decide whether it is a good idea to apply to it. Don't forget to compare this service with other payday loans companies to check the advantages and disadvantages of every team. Be sure, you are choosing the best option in the area where you live. Spend some more time to make a good decision you will never regret about. Don't hurry up as it is very important to be attentive with all details of a chosen service.


You'd better avoid these types of lenders because of complicated repayment terms and high-interest rates. However, if you have no other way out, entrust your reputation to an experienced and checked service like ACE Cash Express. It proves to be a reliable company that can easily and quickly provide you with any necessary financial assistance. So, visit the official website, learn available conditions for every kind of credit and decide which one to choose. Don't be shy to ask additional questions to understand better all requirements and not to be caught into a trap because of own inattention.
Borrower requirements
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  • Have regular income
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid bank account
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  • Credit or Debit card
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