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In case you need to refill your budget extremely quickly, here’s the review for another company that provides loans. 500FastCash belongs to Red Cedar Services operated by a tribe based in Oklahoma. The lender focuses on payday and advance loans – options that save people from tough times when their savings aren’t enough to cover emergent expenses. This review will give you an understanding of the company’s processes, its benefits, and disadvantages. Keep on reading for more info.

Advantages of 500FastCash

The lender gives a helping hand to people who want to receive financial support when their payday is yet to come. Before choosing 500FastCash, you have to explore the details connected with this company. Here’re the advantages of the lender:
  • the application procedure is easily completed;
  • fast money depositing;
  • prolonged money-return period.

How to Apply with 500FastCash

You won’t find it hard to apply for extra cash at 500FastCash. Only a few minutes will be taken from your personal time when you decide to work with this lender. Notice that all the clients have to meet their requirements and provide the demanded information. They will ask you to provide 2 references, your checking account data, prove that you have a stable job for less than 1 month and earn no less than $ 800 monthly. Besides, like other lenders, 500FastCash has a demand regarding your age. An applicant is allowed to get a loan here only in case he’s already 18 years old and more.

Fast Money Depositing

Usually, the lender approves requests quickly in case customers meet all its requirements. There’s a chance to have the money delivered to your banking account in no longer term than only 1 business day. This option is extremely effective for people who expect to get extra funds quickly and get rid of their budget problems momentary. 500FastCash lets you choose how you’re going to return the obtained sum. You can use a debit card, exploit the money order service or prefer a check.

Extended Money-Return Period

There are many situations when a person just can’t return the money on the exact day. Fortunately, the lender is very flexible with repayment terms and can help you with this question. If you feel that the money-return conditions are too tight for you, 500FastCash will pleasantly accept your desire to extend a schedule. You only have to visit your account and choose an appropriate repayment date.

Disadvantages of 500FastCash

You also have to pay attention to their bad sides and decide if it’s the right place to take a loan here:
  • participation in a trial;
  • poor information support;
  • website isn’t user-friendly.
500FastCash is among the companies collaborating with AMG Services. This organization processes loans provided by a lender. FTC tried to stop the activity of tribal companies working with AMG, in 2012.

Lack of Information

Their website doesn’t contain detailed information connected with the operations of 500FastCash. You won’t find out anything about their loans, possible money amounts you can borrow here, rates, fees, and repayment terms. This lender just doesn’t provide this data on its platform. Besides, it’s the most important information you have to take into account when choosing a company to get extra cash. Of course, they have a FAQ section but there’s nothing about how much money you’ll have to pay in case you miss your repayment deadlines. They say that a customer will receive an additional fee in case he’s late with the money-return date or skips his schedule. But 500FastCash doesn’t say how high this fee will be and you still know nothing about their repayment conditions. It means that you don’t know the entire sum you’ll have to repay to the lender when you agree to work with it. A customer will also hardly find information connected with application terms like how much time he’ll have to wait for the approval. Besides, the lender insists that the borrowed sum must be returned on your next payday but it doesn’t give any details about the repayment period. Many lenders have this information and they warn a client about the preferable term – 2 weeks or 1 month. Customers have to pay attention to such things because it’s important to calculate your future loan. Besides, you have to be sure you can count on your next paycheck because in case it’s not enough to repay the received sum, you’ll get a fee. 500FastCash doesn’t provide the most needed details.

Difficult Website Navigation

It’s hard to find important information on their website or enter the needed page. Numerous pop-ups and links may take you to another category and you won’t be able to navigate it successfully. A user often has to click many times and go back to previous pages to come across what he’s been looking for.

Eligibility Requirements

It’s easy to obtain extra cash at 500FastCash in case you keep the company’s demands. First of all, an applicant must be an adult which means that he can’t be younger than 18. He also must have a permanent money source and a stable job to be able to cover a loan. One more requirement is connected with the place of living. Only people who are based on the territory of the USA can receive money from this lender successfully. Remember that this company can’t provide services to military officers.

Final Words on 500FastCash

You will hardly find much information about this company but you can definitely receive the money quickly from 500FastCash. But it’s better to think twice before you decide to work with this lender. They don’t provide essential information concerning loans and it's hard to understand how much and when you will have to repay the borrowed sum. Transparency is the first thing that must be given to customers. Unfortunately, this lender fails to provide proper details connected with its services. A customer won’t feel safe with the company of this sort.
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